Real Russian mail order brides make me want to add to cart (16 Photos)

russian bride photos Real Russian mail order brides make me want to add to cart (16 Photos)

This is pretty wild stuff here. The site is hotrussianbrides [dot] com and houses the hottest young Russian and Ukranian women looking for husbands. Nope, this is not a joke. If you have the money, you can place an order.

  • Nate_karr

    I want a russian mail-order bride, not a russian male-order bride…. see what i did there?

    • wiseguy

      Russian girls may look pretty, but that is all you can get from them. My advice is: get yourself a local girl and forget about 3rd world brides.

  • D

    Sign me up!

  • zarathustra

    How much are these birds, generally? I wouldn’t mind a coupla three for shits & giggles…

  • Bosnialove

    who’s their PIMP?

  • Confucious

    At least they are honest about being gold diggers, and people always told me to find an honest woman… it must be fate 😀

  • Equalizer

    Find a Russian Bride that has difficulty in speaking English so she won’t divorce you. Unless she finds a rich russian-speaking lawyer, now your screwed up.

  • Sean

    This site is actually totally awesome

  • ohno

    i seriously want to know how much this costs?

  • Stevie

    If they are all from Russia or the Ukraine, how come almost every picture of them is on some kind of tropical island with waterfalls and palm trees?

    • its_forge

      They don't have beaches ANYWHERE in eastern Europe or western Asia. Nope nope nope, no seas and certainly no seaside resorts. Never heard of the Baltic Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea? It ain't all ice and snow, pal.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Hm, a long-term hooker trying to get residency. Seems like you can pick up girls that are just as hot, without all the money and paperwork, and who are just as easy, in a bar down the road.

    • MarcusArelius

      Please provide address, map, and hours of operation

  • HellHathNoFury

    First pic is hot, though. Great hips and great hair.

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  • bigdaddy

    mmmmmmm russian,mmmmmm HHNF!!!!

  • james

    “struggles with live conversation”-OMG, we have so much in common!

  • robin yates

    why do americans always assume “foreigners” want to go to the States ?… a national debt, so big, it is measured in trillions,,,,

  • James

    somehow i seriuosly doubt that if they were Christian they would be mail-order brides <.<

  • Artem

    Let me just say that I’m Russian. Second, this mail order brides are scams. Certainly some might be legit, but most likly if the girl is banging she’s not going overseas in a desperate attempt to get a husband.

    What you might find, are women (girls) from very poor villages/industry cities. Most likely they worked as prostitutes at some point.

    Anyway judging by the quality of the photo’s this is a scam.

    Western man’s best bet to getting a wife is getting a large amount of cash, getting a russian friend and hitting the local disco’s outside of the major cities.

  • Green Eyez

    Every single one of those women are Ukrainian, not Russian.

    I have been throughout both countries and there is a substantial difference. With makeup and a good photographer and a good Black Sea location, I can believe that most of these photos are real-ish (although the girls are not as available as they let on — as Artem says, it is a scam). But Ukrainian girls really are that beautiful, Russian girls a little less so.

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    The girl in pic #10 is gorgeous, but User ID 276103 has my heart!

  • njet

    I call fake. Everyone knows that ALL russians drink.

  • GoodStuff

    I have been a member of this site and I must tell you that it’s not a mail order bride site or a scam.

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