Only the best pumpkins ever (22 Photos)

pumpkin funny lead Only the best pumpkins ever (22 Photos)

some images via chicagotribune [dot] com

  • Equalizer

    Predator Pumpkin is awesome

  • alanco

    i love drunk pumpkin

  • sticks

    portal and cannibal pumpkin for the fucking win!

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  • bigdaddy

    puking pumpkins!!!!!awesome!!!!!

  • blueberryvoodoo

    fuck yeah portal pumpkin. where’s pedobear pumpkin?

  • Diamonds

    All are fucken awesome.

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  • robert ball

    This, THIS is art! I enjoyed looking at them all, but my favorite HAS to be Gollum! I had a lot of sympathy for that sad little loser.

  • ken

    The last one is Captain Morgan of spiced rum fame. What a nice treat to leave rum-spiked cider out for tricker treaters! Nothing better than watching costumed youngsters staggering about the streets.

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  • msgam76

    i like the photos of all the pumkins…but when i try to print them, it only allows certain ones to be printed. how do i print them all?

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  • creeperdoobeedoo

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha happy halloween!

  • Anonymous

    preditor has a loose vagina for a month

  • Anonymous


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