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    • Just Russian

      Russian soldiers protect own country (mothers , childrens…) and it is Very strong power. The USA (I respect and LOVE this country) military build from people all over the World…what expect? Just my thoughts….

  • Equalizer

    Our American Green Berets are still better than them

    • Nateb123

      Apples to oranges. That’s like the UK saying the SAS is better than some infantry grunt. Who cares?

    • серж

      American Green Berets, these children =) when compared with the Russian commando
      Sympathy American soldiers, if melee between them =) the Pentagon will ZAKZYVAT MANY American flag and gave them RELATIVE AMERIKANTSSKIH SOLDIER =)

      • Pipeline

        Why even argue on who’s better? Each opposing side will only talk nationalistic. I see zero rationale sense on arguing a dead point and subject.

    • Da Sandman

      and you obvioulsy based that on absolutely nothing

    • PVTCowboy

      Our National Guard is better then those commies!

  • azifeyekare

    This reminds me of a day off during boot camp…

  • Jordo

    All that training wont do shit. War is fought with red bottons that shot big ass missles.

  • marco

    oh great, another grammar tight ass. its not a dissertation, its “cha cha cha chive talkin.”

  • skeeter

    My Country can beat up you're Cuntry

    • Boris

      this is Boris, I am professional Russian…my country can kick your country ass…lol

  • Eddie

    We kill our weak during training.Only the best training will.

  • robin yates

    the Russian nation is a lot harder and tougher than America,,,

  • steve buscemi

    the dullness of these photos is crippling

  • kingkongking

    russian soldiers are hardcore… thats why they couldnt invade finland in the 1940’s… by the way back then russia had more soldiers than finland had population… and the finns used the same amount of ammo during the whole war that the russkies used every single day… but i guess they are hardcore… but i agree with you guys… americans are friggin fat!

  • russianbro

    russianshark… but does the US share a border with Somalia… im pretty sure if they did they could invade them if they wanted to… Look at your map… Finland is next to Russia.

  • Dingo

    how can we make this course more extreme?….lets add some fire

  • Jericho

    …and that, kids, is how the best soldiers on the whole fucking planet are created.

  • Anon

    Russia is a force to be reckoned with…. Putin is dragging Russia out from the wreckage of the collapse of the USSR, and building it back up. While everyone’s worrying about China, Russia is steadily strengthening itself.

    As for the comments about the Winter War with the Finns next door… I’m a Finn myself and am very proud. The Finns employed some truly brilliant strategies. But a good portion of the Russian’s defeat was brought about by the fact Stalin killed the bulk of his officer corps just prior to the beginning of the war. They had no experienced commanders!

    It’s actually a real testament to the strength of the Russian people and the Russian soldier that they were able to kick the Nazis out, even in the face of miserable mismanagement from above.

    Sorry for the rant. God Bless.

    • trustinhc

      As a citizen of the USA, I clearly am impressed with the will power, strength and pride of the Russian people in the protection of their mother country during the Great Patriotic War in spite of the destructive decisions of Josef Stalin. And I believe the Russian people should find pride in their soldiers and the training they must endure. But I find sadness when I read from both sides of the “power of our country” when the most crucial issue is to develop a lasting and respectful peace between our two countries.

  • Anonymous

    russian soldiers are hardcore…. blah blah blah… these pictures are not from from a regular boot camp. the soldiers in the photos are either vdv (paratroopers) or omon (think of it as swat) or something else like that.

  • Anon

    According to Deadliest Warrior, Spetsnaz slightly edges out the Green Berets.

  • Free Man

    As a lifelong martial artist and former soldier from a old line military family, I have had the opportunity to meet warriors from all nations. Believe me, every nation breeds their own version of tough warriors. Every true warrior would fight ferociously for his Motherland. Don't let too many Hollywood movies con the average Joe in believing the "America is No. 1" B.S. Many true warriors in different places, you will never know or ever meet — but they exist. Only a true master (over one's life — not others) is respectful and humble before any warrior tribe or clan. We have much to learn from each other instead of spouting useless childish "we're better" nonsense. Russia is the only major nation that was invaded brutally and yet was never conquered — ponder on that alone. America is a baby nation compared to the old line histories and traditions of the older nations. Iraq and Iran are ancient civilizations as en example. Without their high tech and massive firepower capabilities, the US military could just as easily be defeated as any small nation. Modern technology and weaponry has actually made lazier more undisciplined soldiers. Anyone can be taught to pull a trigger — but to develop combat skills in every arena besides guns and tanks requires more years of dedicated monk-like training and discipline. I've met them from different nations, China, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Spain, France, and yes even our good ole USA has some et al. But remember one thing and you'll never be conned or confused — we are indeed all brothers and sisters born of the same Grand Creator and our great Mother Earth. Wars and conflicts are devised by hidden controllers of the matrix construct to turn nations against one another for their benefit. And it is very easy to do — pointing the collective thoughts of the mass sheeple in one direction. Think for your selves, people. Break the spell!

    • MAMAD

      Well said

  • Anonymous

    of course they are green berets are special ops these are normal soldiers and this boot camp looks rougher then our boot camps in the 70’s which is pretty hardcore dont leave ignorant comments

  • HellHathNoFury

    Your spelling says more than any harsh comment from me.

  • w3rw0lf

    Remember Georgia conflict. Tanks and manpower.

  • HellHathNoFury

    You win.

  • ESSA


  • RussianShark

    kingkongking same reason as Usa get fucked by somalia

  • neiloschaos

    i think you’ll find you win cos you have a pretty face and we are all monster cartoons.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Everyone thank you for comments!! Russians, Americans, competitors, enemies no no no….. All humans are brothers and sisters made by God!! The hate was sowed be group of people on this planet who is governing us They are Internationals Bankers!!
    That is why our nation must have an enemy so than the bankers can pull out nations money for military industry into theirs own profits. and to have right to erase anyone they dont like. Millitary airospace medcicine gas petrol industries are belong to them this speech regarding a Earth government and the money is the instrument to hold it. Thats why we so much bull in mass media I wish everybody Love and Mercy !! Thats our tool to Victory !! Recommend to watch American Documentary “Zeitgeist” (Spirit of time) for better understanding Love and Mercy to everyone Amen!

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