Screw it, throw it in the x-ray machine (21 photos)

a x ray art 101 Screw it, throw it in the x ray machine (21 photos)

  • Equalizer

    That Laptop x-ray is cool and so is that 2nd to the last pics

  • Jazzy

    the heel one looks painful

    • Nephi

      Super jazzed about getitng that know-how.

    • ajyuwfanelh

      8e9z5D uomhhfcxmhry

  • Kimbo

    You know you’re too attached to your laptop when you realise that seeing an X-ray of it makes you feel uncomfortable…

  • David

    I really wish the chive would post the sources for stuff like this rather than just ripping it. The guy who does this is fascinating and a real artist, but I can’t remember his name.


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