Kristy, the hottest girl on Facebook? (15 Photos)

kristy hot girl Kristy, the hottest girl on Facebook? (15 Photos)

One of Kristy’s friends sent us these photos. We’re told she’s a very sweet non-douchebaguette if that’s a factor here.

  • Erwin


  • Lard sux

    I know there are gonna be a lot of people saying no just b/c of the way the question was posed but let’s give her some credit. she’s hot and apparently a sweetheart. that’s worth sayin

  • farts


  • Karen

    I actually think the very first picture is the best out of all of them. She’s def cute. (but I’m a girl… jus my opinion)

  • dipshit

    she is hot, but how can you say non-douchbaguette when she is hanging out with that total douchebag? The number one sign that a girl is a douche is that she is taking photos with douchebags…

  • Don

    She is pretty, but in a lots of makeup and photo editing kind of way. I am not really impressed. It would be nice to see women that dont take 4 hours for makeup to look nice. Plus high Mtc women are not my thing.

  • POOR Unicorn

    yup, she’s hot. it’s all objective but she’s fucking smoking. also, i like the 1st photo best too for some reason

  • Booyaka

    Agreed, she is totally hanging with an all star dbag!

  • papa

    she’s getting photobombed in the first pic

  • bob

    she looks a bit like mila jovovich

  • D

    four hundred photos of yourself = confirmed douchebag

  • Plastur

    These photo are photoshopped, i can tell because i got a long way with image editor program…


  • Maker

    nice smile

    • Ana

      ew..what nice smile.????? she's so feeling…yakz..!!!! :S:p:@

  • Mark

    # 2 is nice with the under/side boob. Even thou it shopped.

  • Joe

    so all u guys think if you work out and get some size your a DB? i feel sorry for your girlfriends….wait you prolly dont have any

  • itsmeson

    she got no boobs or ass wtf ?!?!!

  • krisb

    1st, where are these girls when I go out? 2nd, probably is a baguette, as she loves to take pics of herself and show everyone. 3rd, that guy she is with is a d-bag. and 4th, JOE, it’s “probably” not “prolly”. Stop fixing your hair while you’re typing. Plus, you obviously noticed the d-bag first. Less time in the gym “bro”. I have an awesome girlfriend.

  • Saxondale

    No baps, no ass and loads of moles – no ta!

  • Anonymous

    Her friend in pic one is way hotter

  • Nah

    Meh… She has a horse mouth and a muffin top. :/

  • cnut

    haha some of you people make me laugh with ur comments.
    since your all so obsessed with douchebags maybe you shud go buy a real one to clean out all that sand in your vagina thats making you so cranky.

  • Chris

    She’s good looking, but I put alot of stock into the kind of company a female keeps. It’s hard to tell if she’s a douchebaguette, but the dude in multiple pics with her is definately a doucher. So unfortunately I’m gonna have to say No she’s not the hottest I’ve seen on facebook.

  • Chris

    She’s good looking, but if she’s hanging out with a doucher in multiple pics #12, 15 chances are she’s a douchebaguette. Not the hottest on facebook.

  • aaron

    now im really lost…wheres the douchebag?? that looks like a guy in a t shirt and jeans to me….what the hell is safe to wear if a guy in a t shirt and jeans is a douche??

    does that mean the ramones were douches?? cuz thats just wrong.

    • rcs

      The Ramones were total douches. I met them in Winston Salem and they rock and all but total douches. Then again they were Punks so it should be no surprise.

  • huangzhixian118

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