Chicks + Cameras + Mirrors (20 photos)

a chicks cameras mirror 3 Chicks + Cameras + Mirrors (20 photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    They all have Yeast Infections and Roast Beef Curtains!!

    • Yum

      Love roast beef curtains.

  • getbig

    my day just got a little better

  • doyoulikethisgig

    #13 = WOW!!

  • Milly

    Dang, these women may be sluts in normal everyday life, but they’re smoking hot.

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  • Anonymous

    Damn I need some fucking vag!

  • Pappy

    Yay for more shallow bitches with no self esteem!! Such role models!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    It’s great that you’re hot. But you don’t have to be cheap. It’s so much hotter if you’re not.

    • audie

      hi girl

  • HellHathNoFury

    and whywhywhy with #5?! I thought you loved us, chive! We don’t need to see the ‘after 20 kids’ pics. The ‘before’s are just fine.

  • Victor

    Its hard to ake seriously a chick who takes pictures of herself cuz it kinda seems sorta sad that they don’t have anyone else around to take their picture. Its honestly kinda creepy and sad at the same time. But then again, a hot chick’s lonliness and insecurity or desperation never really has got in the way of me taking full advantage of the benefits the situation presents me with.

  • Brandon

    Wow, very nice. Screw you guys for including that fat blob though. And the girl that photoshopped her tits.

  • thatwasntthequestion



  • s3xt0y

    7. DSL

  • aaron

    lol @ the photoshop fail!!!!

  • Grassley = awesome

    omfg #5 is the hottest one

  • huh

    Fishlips = The mating sign of the female douchebag.

  • Psarae

    Mmmm, photoshopy

  • KP

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……cept #5

  • Anonymous

    holy fucken 7

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  • Anonymous

    mmmmm,nice pic HHNF!

  • jeff Australia

    If nature do gives you something very beautiful, please, do not intercourse it up by tattooing it.
    Painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa comes to mind..


      your an idiot

      • Big Bob

        When you call someone an idiot, be sure to use the correct version of “you’re”. When you mess it up, it takes so much away from your argument.

        By the way, I agree with Jeff. Tattoos are just so-so in my book. A cute, little one can look good now but like all tats, in 20 years it will just look like a dark green, faded, glob on your body. To the women who go overboard with that tattoo gun…I sometimes feel like I’m with a comic book instead of a woman. Less is more in this case!

        • A-Ron

          You’re an idiot.

  • jeff in Australia

    Note to female persons that nature has been very kind to.
    Painting a mustache on the MONA LISA would be sacrilegious……
    Putting tattoos on a beautiful body is an insult to dear mother nature…
    STOP IT…!

    • Nateb123

      You and I are completely at odds. Tattoos are like anything else. They can be done well and look amazing, or be done horribly and look awful. But if someone is expressive, confident and interesting and it’s displayed all over their body, would you really find that unattractive?

      • Anonymous


  • ken

    Not that I’m complaining but what’s the deal here? Are these girls photographing themselves to send picks to tease a non-present boyfriend/husband and then the boyfriend immediately posts the pics on the net, or does the the boyfriend share with his “best friends” and then THEY immediately post the pics on the net, or do they wait to post them after a break-up for revenge? Or are the girls just exhibitionist and post the pics themselves?

    Whatever, it’s fine with me. Nothing wrong. Just curious if there is a common widespread reason why they do it.

    • Lady in the streets

      LOL. It doesn't sound like you have any camwhore friends. A lot of girls just post pics like these on Facebook or Twitter or Multiply (or wherever else they can) to show people how "hot" they are, complete with the ugly, pouty fish lips. Not too many of them realize they look real trashy doing this. Somehow, grinding on strangers, making out with female friends at the club, and dressing trashy is considered by a lot of young'uns as "classy" these days. Go figure!

  • Willy

    I Love #3 chicks….who is she?

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