Some people should not be allowed to type (26 photos)

a funny caption fails 0 Some people should not be allowed to type (26 photos)

  • Jonathan Passow

    #20 isn’t a typo. While it is WTF, the water in that area had become flamable. I think it was natural gas that had snuck into the water supply or something like that.

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  • Psarae

    What? Tiger Woods *is* good at golf.

    • asd

      it’s more embarrassing if they said “tiger woods are good at golf”

  • jamen

    hellhathnofury, i think it would be funnier to do it at random drinking fountains at elementary schools….. start em early…haahaha

  • Yo Mama

    HHNF, will you marry me?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Yup, you could light it and have a fire fountain. If you didn’t burn it off every once in awhile, it would expand and explode. Lovely. Sounds like the best prank ever to pull on a showering roommate

  • Woods

    Haha yes! #3! I lived in mount forest, Ontario for about 5 years of my life And let me tell you, eryevone there smokes weed. But the high is actually referring to the fact that it’s one of the highest points above sea level in ontario There are higher points but not as populated as mount forest, about 5000-6000 people.

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