Splits. (20 photos)

a girls doing splits 19 Splits. (20 photos)

  • jozef


  • That Guy

    this shit just freaks me out….

  • http://icefirex.deviantart.com s3xt0y

    thats the type of chick you need in the sack 🙂

  • top dog

    Impressive, very impressive.

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  • Matt

    5th one is really hot

  • HellHathNoFury

    um, aren’t they ever terrified of thier undies slipping? or they’re just attention whores anyways.. I haven’t been able to do the splits for ages

    • DaddyD

      Love your posts. Are you married?

  • ken

    OUCH…I think I felt something rip just looking at those.

    Since they won’t be able to do that forever, it is good that they got pictures of it so they can show people later in life and say, “see what I looked like back in my youth?”

  • robin yates

    totally awesome !

  • Tim

    A few of them are a bit young don’t ya think pedo bear?

  • Anonymous

    i would boot fuck jesus christ himself to sleep with one of these chicks lol

  • michele

    the only one i’m impressed with is the girl who is doing a split while wearing tight jeans…it’s hard to do a split in jeans! all the others are too easy though…

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  • Ajniz

    Oh, How I wish…

  • dragongball
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  • Anonymous

    i will tell you later

  • Anonymous

    …but can they cook??

  • mariyam

    Thanks for that this beauti image

  • robin yates

    I wish they did nude splits,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, purely for interst you understand,,,,,,,,,,,hehehehhehehee

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  • ...

    Number 8 is doing fuck all… FAIL!!

  • Blah

    You oughta whatch out a pedo doesnt come up behind you and rape you, I mean come on you leg is above you head…Gross-ness.

  • yoyo

    wat a pile of fuking shit please somebody shut this fuking site down and get a job

  • dknypg83

    impressive!! cool girls… 🙂 thanks for sharing… cheers…

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