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  • Brandon

    #3 is still one of the hottest girls ever

    • ferrero

      everybody likes no. 3 because she’s white

      you all are racists

  • krisb

    Think I just found my newest fetish!

  • Jordo

    What does “cosplay” mean?

    • mkloubellamy

      it means Costume play

  • Clickawut

    100% agree with Brandon. Who is she ?

    • kevin eubanks

      i agree that you’re a racist

      of all the pictures, u only like the white chick #3

  • Nick4444

    Best Cosplay post yet.

  • pasha

    Jordo — cosplay is a shortened form of “costume role-play”.

    #24 is my pick from the batch

  • HellHathNoFury

    It’s almost unnatural and how perfect some of these women are!

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  • mahphuckinpumbaa


    • HellHathNoFury

      that may be so *pops collar*
      However, put praise where praise is due: Jonh and Leo of Thechive

  • psara

    No Aika? Aww 😦

  • Anonymous

    A man can still fantasize, can he not?

  • Passow

    Why so Japanese, cosplayers?

  • kp

    All I can say is “WHOA”!!!!

  • j

    fake to the max

    • bubaks

      fake? dont care. 😛

  • j


    Disregard that i suck cocks

    • j

      hahahaha, i am sooooo funny

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  • besley

    So nobody knows who number 3 is?

    • ferrero

      so nobody like other girls? why no. 3

      oh that’s right you’re a racist

    • Causa

      She’s Rikku, from Final Fantasy X, and X-2

    • Boscoe

      I know she's heavily photoshopped! LOL

      (I saw a side-by-side comparison with the unaltered pic. She's still hot, just not THAT hot.)

  • paul wall

    The terrible, awful, horrible things that I would do

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  • Trevan

    Oh, sure, when women do it, it’s sexy as hell. But when I do it, everyone’s all “virgin” this and “I don’t even know you” that.


  • DP

    Most of them are obviously shopped. They all might as well be CGI.

  • Ooh la la

    Love 3. Just looks so natural.

  • top dog

    Oriental under boob, very sexy!! I can’t tell if they are Japanese or Chinese, tits are tits the world over, all of em are sexy.

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