The Lamborghini Ankonian (14 photos)

a lamborghini ankonian 6 The Lamborghini Ankonian (14 photos)

  • aaron


    • Borat

      Is nice…………

  • B.E.R.

    That is fucking sexy. Kind of looks like the next Batmobile. How much?

  • Seb

    The real-world Batmobile! :O

  • top dog

    Nice car, but it will probably cost more than us mere mortals can afford. Probably wont see no more than two of these things on the road.

  • Phil

    Maybe it’s for the next batman movie. But why are the rear wheels so exposed? Lots of drag there.
    And the 3rd pic is the Reventon.

  • vitorla

    ugly as fuck. It’s all about the Reventon, which the person above me correctly pointed out as the third picture.

  • Grindstone

    Just wait for Top Gear to get a hold of this…

  • gOOOOOU!

    Lots of drag indeed. Rim size is not efficient either. FAKE

  • HellHathNoFury

    Imagine having to wash it, or trying to check your blind spots. Yup, that’s why I’m not buying one.

  • Phil

    this was probably just an art student’s project, maybe industrial design or something.

  • Dingo

    when the world goes into total anarchy i will need this sexy car to dominate the anarchist that stand in the road

  • pooper

    looks terrible.. to much going on..

  • papasmurf

    My son already has one……………. 1/64 scale

  • boneman

    and only $232500!!
    One small, itty bitty downside, though.
    Even though it can press you back in your seat in the seven seconds it takes to reach 85 MPH
    Not only does it achieve a screaming 215 MPH (stock model)
    But it also has a ten gallon tank….
    It drinks 3 gallons per mile…oh….that IS a problem.

    (OK, it’s a joke)

  • aaron

    that belongs in the next batman movie if they make one.

    • Anonymous

      Nah…the British made Batmobile in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is the best thing in those movies.

  • robin yates

    this is a seriously sexy car,,,,,,,,,,,, it looks so mean,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • tone

    fail – 3rd one is the reventon – it even says it on the pic!

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  • BigfnMike

    I hope they never put this monstrosity into production. FUGLY

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  • Greenie

    I don’t care if they make this, but I still want to buy one of those stretched Diablos from Team America – even if it can’t fly in real life.

  • Nic Garza

    OMG batman sent me a text it says "HOLY CRAP THEY'VE FOUND MY CAR"

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