Putting the tail in tailgating (25 Photos)

tail gating girls Putting the tail in tailgating (25 Photos)

There are literally 100 more epic tailgaters over at Pop Crunch, HERE.

  • cheetah woods

    thank god HHNF is not in here, it would have ruined the blog, oh yeah and the oklahoma girls rock balls

    • HellHathNoFury

      Yeah, that would suck, seeing as I’m way too damn old to be in college, and too smart to dress like a whore.
      Hot chicks, though. they can dress like that allll they want, I’m just here for the show.

      • Always Last

        HHNF's wet tank top pic surely killed the idea she wouldn't dress way more whorish than she's claiming here.

  • ChrisDG74


  • Halotron

    Nice buckeye tail there, are those instructions? Fuck Michigan guys? LOL

  • natekarr

    i totally agree with ya… them are some nice boobies.

    but us Wisconsin ppl know how to party…

  • vitorla

    UGA and OU win…hands down….Congrats to the Chive for finding the only attractive women at UW-M

  • a

    Nice of the Fuck Mich girls to let you know which one was the easiest of the group.

  • confused

    was i asleep for a while and tailgating took on a whole new meaning?

  • Anonymous

    i would destroy each and everyone of these girls… with my penis

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  • Anonymous

    urrrrr….the ref is terrifying

  • Jeff

    those UT girls are my dream come true!!!!

  • YesYes

    Come on, Jeff. Those sluts are a dime a dozen around Austin. Easy to tell the sluts becuz they all rock the smallest LV bags cuz it’s the only one daddy would pay for. However, they both look like my two favorite types of girls . . . E and Z.

  • pimphole

    beautiful sluts! whew i’d hit em all.

  • DKing

    Re: Fuck Michigan

    Which one of them is Michigan? So I know who to fuck.

  • tommybhoy

    Damm…thats it am moving to the States

    Fuck Dubai!

  • mudslngr1

    I’m so glad you don’t put a gross picture at the end of your hot chick lists like other sites.

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  • Shadow Sterks

    The ref i would destroy in every way sexually. She would walk crocked for a month.

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  • oh my

    sweet. hooker horns

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    UCLA ROCKS SHEL’S THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kim

    There’s nothin wrong with showin a little skin. If u got it flaunt it….
    I think all the girls looked great!

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