I would not f@#*k with our airforce (41 photos)

a military action photos 381 I would not f@#*k with our airforce (41 photos)

  • nigraplease

    most of these pictures are russian and… yeah… i would definitely fuck with the us airforce.. if some guy who lives in some cave in afghanistan can drop their planes im pretty sure i can too.

    • Matt

      who says these are mostly russian? in every pic where you can see the symbol its american. On some you can even see the letters USAF!! Oh and fuck you for your droping planes on our buildings comment. A lot of people died on that day you motherfucker. Not to mention thats not happening again.

      • dave

        i didn’t notice any Russian planes, but a lot are US Navy, and the Harrier Jet is only used by the Marines.

        • Dude

          Pic #11 is a Sukhoi fighter. Nato calls them the Flanker.

          Did not see any Migs.

      • Dr-Horrible

        Yeah those were mostly US Navy and Marines. The only Air Force Plane on there was the B2 Bomber (stealth plane) and there were a few pics of Su-22 Russian fighters. As cool as the pics are, the idiot that labelled the gallery ruined it for me.

        • Tyler

          Seriously, you can't pick out the A-10 Warthog? The greatest leap in Air to Surface combat? The only aircraft capable of more firepower is the AC-130U Spookie.

      • Adam

        Not that Im taking his side, but what he said was implying that a guy in a cave could shoot down a plane- which is ridiculous as it is. Nothing about flying one into a building.

    • JO

      Actually, the only Russian pic in there was the one painting of two Flankers in camo. The rest are all American. Oh, and for the pusillanimous musing at the end of your post, I dare you to try. I would be neat to watch you die, fucktard.

    • Dr-Horrible

      No US Air Force plane has ever been shot down in either Iraq or Afghanistan idiot. You can’t argue this FACT. now please go choke on a dick.

    • Scott

      Wow there are some real Ignorant people on here. Most the pictures Were NAVY. 10 of the pictures were Airfore, and 1 was from a fricken movie. And further since the Marine Corps is under the Department of the Navy The marine pilots go through the same training so they in essence are Naval Aviators. Read a book people.

    • Panzerrat

      #11 are Russian Birds. #27 is from that crap movie "Stealth". Everything else is US inventory equipment. Some, like the F-14s shown, have officially been retired.

  • Chris

    I wouldn’t fuck with our airforce either, but unless there’s some dealings I don’t quite know about, there are some Migs up there in some of those pics.

  • obadiaha

    nigraplease needs to learn about planes, only 2 or 3 photos are russian. most are us navy and the air force can put a missle up his a## at will.

  • Anonymous

    oh, yeah and to add to that Air Force guys are vaginas. Trust me i speak from experience. Bunch of whinny little girls.

    • guy

      Sounds like somebody is sore about picking the wrong branch.

      • Sailor

        sounds like someone is from the chair force….LOL

  • Dave

    Nigraplease, go kindly frak yourself. Anyhow, why are there motorcycles on a boat?

    • Anonymous

      the motorcycles go into the helicopter. the helicopter flies to a mission, lands, drops the back ramp and hells wrath comes racing out the ass end. WOOT.

  • luca

    chicks digg bikes.thats why.

  • Benny D

    Lets not forget the russian migs and plane from the movie ‘Stealth’…

  • DV

    or that more than half of these are photos of the Navy.

  • Anonymous

    Caption should read " I would not fuck with the UNINTED STATES NAVY" Most these pics were NAVY pilots. Best piolots in the world.

    • Anonymous

      I lol'd at this.

    • http://twitter.com/bikemecrazy1016 @bikemecrazy1016

      Nope. Sorry, I love our pilots, Navy or AF, but the Israeli AF is WAY better… And that's not a bluff of theirs either.

  • mareviq

    Why are there pictures of F-14’s there? I know they’re beautiful, but they’ve been decommissioned back in 2006!
    Also, is that a picture of a F/A-37 Talon? THAT’S A MODEL FOR THE MOVIE “Stealth”!! IT DOESN’T FLY FOR CHRISTSAKE!!

  • Jack

    there are pictures of migs in there,
    and also a fictional plane,
    let alone they are all NAVY airplanes

  • Anonymous

    nigraplease the only thing you can “drop” is down on your knees to suck another dick.

  • Irwin109

    I think fucking with the US airforce is a better idea than fucking with the US ground troops who shoot down allied planes.

  • Obadiaha

    Props to all U.S. Soldiers, Marines, Seamen, and Airmen. Shouldn’t fuck with any of them.

  • PewPewPew

    Those Russian planes are not MiGs. NATO calls them Flankers and they are made by Sukhoi.


    4 Airforce pictures.

    The rest Navy and Migs.

  • Anonymous

    Actually only about three or four were russian. The vast majority are navy. And I wouldn’t fuck with us because the most powerful military in the world….air force, navy, marines it doesn’t matter

  • Anonymous

    Correction…..2 are russian

  • Anonymous

    No pics of the AC-130’s 105 mm howitzer? I understand it’s not exactly the airforce, but then again neither is MiGs…..

  • Yo

    Why is this site always featuring Russia this or Russia that… all the way down to Russian planes. I kinda don’t like it.

    • Anonymous

      RE: Why so much russian stuff on sites like this? Most sites are mining their picdumps from russian ones which tend to update sooner… also yeah Tomcats retired a few years ago, still nice pictures. No A-10s???

  • Anonymous

    The guys on the bikes were Marines. Even the H-46 says Marines right on it. I dont thin we fly them anymore…

  • Markkens

    Let’s see your whiny ass take a 4G snap turn…puke in a bag.

  • mareviq

    Also chivers, a protip for you: sukhois aren’t migs the same way as grunmmans aren’t lockheeds.

  • Phil

    reading the comments on this one is funny. what’s there to be passionate about here??? It’s the chive for fuck’s sake! Anyway, I’ve heard “don’t mess with the guy with the biggest stick” but really, when the stick is a mach 2 flying, missle firing, machine gun spraying beast I don’t care if my stick is even as big, just don’t fuck with them. It’s like both sides have their fingers over the nuke launch button… so dumb. navy/army/air force… all the same: military. us or russian? does it matter? this is a dumb chive posting pics of cool war planes and carriers, do you think they did ANY research? don’t be upset by the post, be upset by the retards populating this earth. believing in wizards (jesus) and denying that what we’re doing (heavy + irresponsible industrialization) can have an effect on global climate, among many other things is no worse than believing you’re #1 and everyone else is shit, which is a nice (contrived) confidence booster… but consider that EVERYTHING in regards to preferences is subjective, which means nobody and nothing is ever actually the “best”. Things have pros and cons. Wayne Gretzky was an amazing hockey player; but the best? Was he good at body checking? No? So he wasn’t the best… unless that doesn’t matter, which is subjective and makes my point, it’s all in your head. Have some empathy or be a big douchebag, your call.

    nice post; cool planes and ships. kinda wish there was a pic of maverick giving the mig pilot the finger haha.

    • dude

      you might be taking this too seriously

  • Paul

    Most of those were Navy or Marine’s you idiot

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