Optical illusions anyone? (video + 8 photos)

  • looch

    wat the hell is going on with the cow??

  • http://yh66600.wordpress.com yh66600

    i don’t understand the frog and the cow.

    • Anonymous

      the frog is a head of a horse when rotated to the side

  • shockresistant

    that cow ones got me baffled as well…

  • Blake

    The cow is someone playing a guitar. It’s body is the guitar.

    • Deal Masen

      @Blake. It is absolutely not!

  • Irwin109

    I can’t see the guitar thing in the cow, I can see the body being the shape of a guitar, but can’t see anyone playing it!

  • Erick

    The cow it’s supposed to be a GIF image:

    www . creepygif . com / image . php?i=528

    • Matt

      wow yeah thats just stupid. Not exactly an optical illusion at all either.

  • Twentyseven

    For a few seconds I thought the acid from this weekend had lingering effects. What do they call those images that they slide the black lined film over to make them appear to move?

    • B.E.R.

      Optical illusions.

  • checkplease

    can u see albert einstein?

  • boneman

    the cow is running.

    • Christmas Jew Smasher

      LOL what are you doing cow you can’t run you aren’t even bipedal!!!

  • top dog

    I got all of them but the frog and the cow. It just look like a stick figure to me.

  • anonymous

    11 faces in the tree

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