Internet destination covers by Stéphane Massa-Bidal (11 photos)

a website covers stephane massa bidal 10 Internet destination covers by Stéphane Massa Bidal (11 photos)

Check out more of Stéphane Massa-Bidal here!

  • Jordo

    The number 1 dumbest thing ever put on chive. Chive you owe me 3 min of your life for wasting 3 min of mine.

  • top dog

    What the fuck was that????

  • ?

    well that sucked

  • somethings

    Definitely don’t understand this post.

  • HellHathNoFury

    uh…sure. *nods, smiles and walks away*

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  • C

    looked like it was supposed to be an art piece. But when you don’t know how they are referencing anything, and I have never seen destination pamphlets/ layouts like these it looses everything.

  • C

    “French illustrator Stéphane Massa-Bidal (aka Hulk4598, or Rétrofuturs) churns out new work at an astounding rate. His latest series depicts internet stalwarts as retro (his signature) magazine book covers. Somehow Massa-Bidal always seems to throw in a bit of timely irony and sarcasm in his work, proving that the man pays attention to the world in the digital age. Perhaps he’s suggesting that at some point these mediated parts of our lives will bite the dust. And he didn’t include Google because Google is impervious to the inevitable failures of its contemporaries. Just a thought.”

    When people go all hipster retro with making shit it is so much worst than anything….

  • Equalizer


  • nemesis

    I liked it. Struck a decent balance between exposing these oh-so-essential parts of our lives as the vapid translucent phantoms that they are and the eye-grabbing retro design that many of these websites are trying (and failing) to emulate.

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