Great Christmas office prank (16 Photos)

lead prank Great Christmas office prank (16 Photos)

A Christmas maverick named Ry Toast decided to tin foil a designers cubicle when he left for Christmas vacation. More photos here.

  • Matt

    haha thats awesome.

  • Vicious Delicious

    Awesome that is, haha.

  • misainzig


  • Anonymous


  • billthewelder


  • LMAO


  • Steve In Tulsa

    I wonder if that did not burn out the computer and monitor? There is no air flow to keep the components cool so clearly this will burn out the hardware. Dumb.

    • milton

      i know it sounds crazy but maybe, just maybe the power was off

      • sock puppet

        I doubt that Steve In Tulsa works in the real world where most people outside of the Technology Dept actually power everything down at the end of the day. Out of 6000 employees where I work, I rarely find one that isn’t powered off after 5:00.

  • Anonymous

    damm i wish i had so much free time ..only for THECHIVE.LOL

  • papasmurf

    Thats wasteful ! Those wasted wasters

  • Click for sayings

    Christmas Comes but once a year, better have good pranks.

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