Happy 2010!!! Here’s some random new year’s hotties (21 photos)

a hot girls 10 Happy 2010!!! Heres some random new years hotties (21 photos)

  • Yo

    first bitchez!!!

    • aaron

      ^^because everyone else has a life and we are hungover not sitting on the computer trying to comment first. Take a look at the archives, no one does this here. Comment threads are for pointing out that red riding hood is very very sexy.

      • jane

        lol trolled, its funny how ppl always react to that, ur such a douche aaron……………..

  • P-90

    Monica Bellucci….Nice..
    Who’s the girl surrounded by fire?
    Kristen Bell seem like a good laugh.

  • jackyturd

    one of the hottest collections yet!

  • http://twitter Dr Rand Pink

    I got a Nikon camera I love to take a phtograph so Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away

  • HellHathNoFury

    Chick in black boots…I’ll be taking my legs back, kthx. *drool*

    • Anonymous

      you wish Cankles we’ve all seen those thick dimpled legs

      • HellHathNoFury

        Damn, my cover is blown. How did you know I’m secretly the girl in the striped long-johns in the ‘I Think I’m in Love’ post? Your Sherlock skills are definitely up to par.

  • Megarath

    Dear John and Leo,

    It’s been a long time since you’ve put atrocious, stomach-turning photos of obese women and hairy guys at the end of the hot-chicks posts.

    I miss those posts. Please can we have a few more for old times’ sake?


    – Loyal Reader.

    P.S. The hot-chicks posts better be worth it, though. This one was pretty good.

  • Darn Sillius

    Damn! What is it about boobies that just wanna make ya go BRRRRPPPPP BRRRRPPPP BBBBBRRRRRRPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

  • goposaur

    #5 please

  • Adam

    Number 11 is my number 1.

  • Gonz

    I love kristen bell! what a cutie! and she sings opera. cha ching

  • egnfrn

    The blond girl with the mouse ears (3rd from bottom) is the absolute cutest and most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I can’t stop looking at her dammit ha.

  • immalawyer

    I dont get why people like the huge boobs though, I mean some of them women would be considered freakish in my opinion.

    I like the picture from behind of the chick with the long hair.

  • Anonymous

    Because anorexic girls with boob jobs are totally hot.

  • i love


  • http://www.uncoached.com/2010/01/04/enter-hometown-hotties-2010-nightmarish-sexy-ads-and-a-lesbian-fantasy/ Uncoached - Enter Hometown Hotties 2010, Nightmarish Sexy Ads, and a Lesbian Fantasy |

    […] Random New Year’s hotties that excite me – [The Chive] […]

  • JoeClyde

    TurtleNecks are awesome

  • Deuce

    yeah, whoever that chick is in the brown turtleneck, with the sweater cows, i love her. But just as friends. But later, as our friendship develops, maybe something more. Something pure and true; that will last. And that’s when she lets me slap around her super juggs. Sweet.

  • D

    I would touch all of them inappropriately…….

  • crapple

    Apple in the soup!!!, boring of that !!!…

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    • diana

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