Flat chested cowgirl tattoos are so 2009 (4 Photos)

breast implant lead Flat chested cowgirl tattoos are so 2009 (4 Photos)

  • Killien

    Since these pictures are from '07 then I guess flat-chested cowgirl tattoos are the wave of the future.

    • normally

      the title is for the lol's. when the photos were taken doesn't really matter, fact checker

    • Matt

      how do you know when the photos were taken? I don't see a date anywhere?

      Anyway this is just stupid. I can't believe anyone would be retarted enough to do or even to think of something like this.

      • Lol

        The pictures you guys have go great with what you just said.. Lol.

  • top dog

    Some people are just……..fu-king nutts.

  • LOL

    Didn't it get infected & he had to take them out? Yes…nucking futts. 😛

  • http://onesickpuppy.wordpress.com Bad_Obsession

    wow….that's gonna look real good when the dude is about 60.

    gonna look like a freaking tumor.

  • Nitz

    It probably *will* be a freaking tumor.

  • Joey

    Well thats just straight up retarded

    • mith

      There is stupid and then there is retarded. That is fuckn retarded.

  • hank

    these are old photos but good ones… but also like a week later it got infected and he had to take them out. nasty boob job.

  • Jordan

    I would be friends with this guy, just because.

    Everyone else can STFU, this guy is my new hero.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I hope he never wears work boots. I can just imagine them rupturing.

  • markkens

    Joey said it. What a 'tard.

  • mollee

    Just when I think I've seen all the stupid in the world, nope, some dumbass tops it.

  • kp

    Really funny when they start sagging and get stretch marks!

  • Darn Sillius

    What the hell…Mommy & Daddy didn't give him enough attention growing up?

  • MallySann

    As long as he likes it who cares about what people think at 60.

  • Dave

    Not only are these photos ancient in blog terms, all the really descriptive (and kinda bloody) ones were left out of this post

    Great post, just lacking in tiny silicone boobs and blood.

  • Rockstar

    hey girls ! i guess its time to start off when you make a penis tattoo on your skin.i wonder how will that look

  • mook

    I would enjoy kicking him in the calf.

  • poop

    Thats Lane Jensen!

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