Using science and technology to create most beautiful girl in the world

world beauty lead Using science and technology to create most beautiful girl in the world

  • aaron

    or you could just put a picture of Kiera Knightly up and call her the most beautiful girl in the world. No science necessary

    • gig

      yeah you are right….

    • KK is BB

      100 percent agree! She is beautiful…

    • dparks

      sorry – this is for 'HOT' chicks; the "Duckface" compilation can be found at

  • top dog

    Now thats cool. If I had all those women rolled up into one I would never leave the house. My perfect woman would have A. Jolie lipps, C. Theron eyes, N Portman nose and J. Biel body.

    • samiam

      What happened to Halle Berry, Beyonce and other black artists, and what about beautiful Asian artists?

      This collection is bunch of crap considering the fact that who ever made this did not even think that there are other types/looks of people that live in this world.

      This post is as biased as knowing that only certain colored people are to survive.

      I should not care about this post coz I am white, but even I feel that this post is worthless. If I feel this way, then what are other “colored”/types of people to think when they look at this post!

      Go get a freakin life, more than half of Americas and Europe are owned by Chinese and Indians. May be we should open up a bit, at least for our future generation, only then we will survive, and our existence live on. Realize this truth soon, otherwise, only god can save your soul!

      • No Name

        Get a life you hippy liberal faggot.

        • HollyBee

          Get a life you nameless idiot.

      • 0010101110010

        yea u hippy mutherfucker your should just kill your self you waste of space

      • Anonymous

        Dude, it’s chive not the UN

      • D

        You truly are one stupid mother fucker……..

      • Ar

        To all the morons who don’t get it, mixing two types of races is harder, and would require a bigger effort.

      • CandleJack

        You’re stupid.

        Shut up.

    • Anonymous

      Where the fuck is cheryl cole, she has the most jaw droppingly gorgeous face and she’s nowhere to be seen
      Cheryl Cole FTW. Mandy Moore to fuck yourself

    • BIG L

      funny i would have minus the photo-shop and make-up.

    • bill

      she kinda looks like Kathrine heigl

  • Anonymous

    pretty crappy resolution, though I admit she’s at least worth a look.

  • at work

    lol i love how the last pic is so big and blurry.

    and hilary duff shouldn’t be there

  • Sticks

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is the best looking out of them all.

  • stafferty

    It does look a lot like Jessica Biel. Compare the two pics

  • Sarah

    The “most beautiful woman in the world” has a big forehead. I do like how that was done though. Pretty cool.

    • MichaelGS

      thats not a forehead its way to big to be a forehead… thats at least a “five-head”

      and we all have preferences we’d rather add. wheres beyonce? eliza dushku? lucy pinder(admittedly only for the juggs)? shakira? theyd be on my list for sure.

      moore, duff, biel, bosworth, dropped like hot stones

  • ozzie

    gotta agree with sticks,J.Hewitt has topped my list for years now.Jessica alba a close second.

  • ozzie

    HHNF you creepin into the list.where you at?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Nope. Those girls are ridiculously good-looking, and I’m just ridiculous looking.

      • jeff in Australia

        Great… not enough we should get most women trying to look like someone else, now we have science (?) doing it too… S.Johansson (?) looks a lot like our very own Ms.HELL… at least comparing the two pics… No offense meant… to either..

        • jeff in Australia

          OK OK OK… Maybe not this pic… but the other….

          • HellHathNoFury

            Aw, you’re so sweet. Scarlett is a hottie but I look nothing like her. I’d be sending in alot of pics if I did.

            • jeff in Australia

              Gosh a response…thank you. I asked you several days-comments ago about Capt. Jack and co.,
              Did you see it.. it was on the page with the “singer” marrying the “comedian”…
              Ps… sorry but I still think you look like her, or she like you..

            • Anonymous

              Mandy Moore looks like a combination of a dog and a cow – it’s ducking disgusting

  • Shadow Sterks

    I’d keep Cuthbert and Theron then add Alba and Biel to the mix. I can see in my head and it would be wowaful.

  • Rudeboi

    How generic. Not one woman with some color. Oh well, that’s the world I live in.

  • at work

    That’s also a horrible picture of Megan Fox

  • Ronin

    ‘Twas better before the mashup. Why not just start with Charlize and leave it at that? No use adding more; no need.

  • confused

    Come on all u need is Alba and the list is done

  • Joel in San Clemente

    Kate Bozworth and Mandy Moore? Really?

  • tdk

    They are all beautifyl in different way, showing their personalitys. Adding them all to one, it takes the personality away… Id rather go with someone without the science 🙂

  • ladyguitarstar

    there were a few that shouldnt have been on that list. knightlys the hottest, with scarJo in second

  • Ken

    The K. Knightley + Kate Bosworth result looks a whole lot like Tippi Hendren (who starred in Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”

    • aaron

      and marnie, with Connery, I was just thinking about her the other day and how she is timelessly hot.

    • huh

      Wow, good call there.

  • Anonymous

    they did it backwards. you take the most common girl at the end and extrapolate to the most beautiful women in the world.

  • Robbie

    Eventually she’d put on some pounds, start to resent you and stop having sex with you, anyway. So, WHO CARES?

  • yeahsure

    i wonder what her voice would sound like

    • Ken

      Rosanne Arnold?

  • ROK

    most beautiful girl in the world = some guy is sick of her shit

    go with a cute chunker that loves to put out. can’t go wrong!

  • Justin Case

    The creator of this post has way too much on their hands and needs to get a life.

  • MP

    no minorities, ouch!

    • jello

      jessica alba is hispanic and minority, with me also being a mexican I feel I have seen mexican women way better looking than jessica alba.

  • Matt

    Horrible resulting picture. To big and blurry. Also its to close up. Kinds of ruins it.

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