Jade Raymond is a real geek, she aint faking it (15 Photos)

jade replace Jade Raymond is a real geek, she aint faking it (15 Photos)

Jade Raymond got her start as a programmer for Sony, where she eventually helped in the creation of Sony Online’s first Research and Development group and even helped produce The Sims. In 2004, she started working for Ubisoft Montreal, where she was appointed as producer of game you might have heard of – Assassin’s Creed. Raymond is an avid gamer and In July of 2009, Jade was named President of Ubisoft Toronto studio. Her style is, er, a bit conservative. But that might make her even more appealing…maybe? Discuss.
(oh, and here’s Jade’s Official Unofficial site if your thirsty for more pics)

  • cckl

    geeks can't be sexy. she is not geek.

    • This Guy

      And that is where you are indeed wrong.

  • ozzie

    wow i’m in love..

  • nelly02

    lovely! bet she scares the shit out of the geeks.

  • SJL

    You know that first image is actually Veronica Belmont. ;D

  • John

    *Edit: SJL is right, I’m doing a Veronica Belmont post later this week and got the lead photos mixed up. The world may now continue in its proper orbit

  • HellHathNoFury

    I like her conservative style. She’s smart and confident enough to know that anyone worth her air will be attracted to her awesomeness, she doesn’t need to show off her body.
    She’s beautiful, smart, fun and has work ethic. Lucky is the man that marries her.

  • Phil

    ehhhhh she’s pretty. pretty enough to have a chance, anyway lol. nice smile tho, must have a good personality.

  • at work

    yeah…shes good looking for sure

  • Alan

    The first ass creed was kinda boring. The second one was bad ass!

  • gonzomania

    Crap tits

  • jozef

    her + marshall fullstack = awesome christmas

  • opop

    if she were eating crackers, and she were in a bed with me, I would not kick her out

    • top dog

      I would, I hate crackers crumbs in my bed. A bottle of single malt scotch is a different ball game.

  • Mr Mobius

    A Veronica Belmont post in the line? Kudos on good taste.

  • aaron

    assasins creed sucks although I did not play it very much.

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  • tr45h

    she’s a robot…. no doubt….

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  • Perx

    how do u think she’s doing..

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  • bill

    wow she is one hot geek.iam in love.

  • amit

    i like u

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