Real life Simpsons house (9 photos)

a simpsons house real life 8 Real life Simpsons house (9 photos)

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  • dragontamer363

    That’s awesome 😀

    It actually looks livable as well

  • MissChris

    That IS in fact Awesome! I wanna put on a lil red dress and pearls and play in there!

    • HellHathNoFury

      I would pay to see that!

  • zee!

    something ghostly and unnerving about the house…

    • jake

      I agree

  • papasmurf

    Thats it , Ive always known they are real. Moe , gimme another beer ! It would be cool as hell to live beside Homer. Beats the hell out of the shmuck thats my neighbor.

    • habsfanx

      thats okely-dokely awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaimie

    haha numbers not right tho..712..ment to be 742

  • Pogo

    I really would pay to see this, especially at night. Imagine how cosy that would be. Personally I find this house a tad dark under natural light.

    It's interesting to see how natural light reflects throughout the house – I think we all develop our own perceptions of the lighting at the Simpsons house because the flat shading always leaves it to our imaginations.

  • Mooooo


  • KorovaMilkBar

    How many of you are whistling the theme song right now.

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