This plane used to sit 120, now it sleeps 2 (9 Photos)

cool plane hotel 81 This plane used to sit 120, now it sleeps 2 (9 Photos)

It’s a luxury suite and a German cold war aircraft. The plane stays grounded outside the Teuge airport in the Netherlands. But the room itself, dubbed the Vliegtuigsuite, is spectacular, including three flat screen TVs, a Blu-ray player, a sauna, and a jacuzzi.


  • Warren Michaels

    …go to there

  • slutifer

    not enough room for me

    • Big Bob

      Keep exercising and eating right…you’ll fit in there someday!

  • Jordo

    Does it still fly? Looks like it is permently there.

    • Dr. Evil

      ^ Haha

  • Dr. Evil

    hmm. chive reply is broke’d. <_< i meant to say that to big bob up there lol.

  • dave

    I’d go in there and smoke all the weed. Then I’d crash that fucker into the sea and end it all.

  • Regina

    claustrophobia………you name it

  • Deadalready

    Am I the only one confused over the allocation of two bathtubs, three tvs and only one queen bed?

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


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