Incredible Hoover Damn Bypass (6 photos)

a hoover damn bypass 5 Incredible Hoover Damn Bypass (6 photos)

Creeping closer inch by inch, 900 feet above the mighty Colorado River, the two sides of
a $160 million bridge at the Hoover Dam slowly take shape.  The bridge will carry a new
section of US Route 93 past the bottleneck of the old road which can be seen twisting and
winding around and across the dam itself.
When complete, it will provide a new link between the states of Nevada and Arizona .
In an incredible feat of engineering, the road will be supported on the two massive
concrete arches which jut out of the rock face.
The arches are made up of 53 individual sections each 24 feet long which have been
cast on-site and are being lifted into place using an improvised high-wire crane strung
between temporary steel pylons.
The arches will eventually measure more than 1,000 feet across.
At the moment, the structure looks like a traditional suspension bridge. 
But once the arches are complete, the suspending cables on each side will be removed.
Extra vertical columns will then be installed on the arches to carry the road.
The bridge has become known as the Hoover Dam bypass, although it is officially called
the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, after a former governor of Nevada
and an American Football player from Arizona who joined the US Army and was killed
in Afghanistan.

Work on the bridge started in 2005 and should finish next year. An estimated 17,000
cars and trucks will cross it every day.
The dam was started in 1931 and used enough concrete to build a road from New York
to San Francisco . The stretch of water it created, Lake Mead , is 110 miles long and
took six years to fill.  The original road was opened at the same time as the famous dam in 1936.

  An extra note: The top of the white band of rock in Lake Mead is the old waterline prior
to the drought and development in the Las Vegas area. It is over 100 feet above the
current water……

  • chrisdg74

    Been there twice.

  • chrisdg74

    Wanna go to Vegas again.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    What did one fish say to the other as he swan into a wall? DAM!

  • Modnar123

    Holy crap I think I would mess my pants if I had to work on the top of that place!

  • Vern

    Anyone know where I can get some damn bate?

  • chrisdg74

    I wonder how long it took for the to complete that damn bridge.

  • vitorla

    This is probably a dumb and obvious question, but how did they walk out onto the middle of that thing from the sides. It’s perplexing me.

    • top dog

      They used a chopper(helicopter) to fly the cables over one at a time. I saw it on the show, I think it was extreme building on the history channel.

  • LOL

    I realize this is about the bridge. It’s going to be awesome and I’ll take it for sure.

    That dam is an amazing place too. My Dad used to work for the Bureau of Reclamation. I’ve been inside that thing. Massive doesn’t even come close to describing some things in there.

    It took 5 years to build the damn dam Chris. (:)) April 20, 1931-March 1, 1936. They had up to 7 years, but were done early. Imagine that?

    Unfortunately with the way OSHA works now, I doubt if that dam could be built. Supposedly, the concrete is still curing.

    • billemazing

      Yeah, stupid OSHA. Who wants some organization whose sole purpose is to ensure that workers lives are protected. You might be right. If OSHA had been around in the 30’s, the dam may not have gotten built, but there wouldn’t be families saying “your grandfather is in that concrete.”

      • LOL

        Bille, I didn’t say OSHA was stupid. I just said the dam couldn’t be built that way today. OSHA does go way overboard with some of their things though, just like any government agency. If I remember correctly, a little over 100 people died building the dam. I realize you’re joking (?), but no one is actually buried in the concrete.

        • billemazing

          How dare you say a government agency would go overboard. You sir, are a communist. j/k, good point.

  • Old news...

    Find some current pictures… The project is much farther along presently. Some pix of the cable system that feel down would be killer too!

  • happerland

    are those porta-potties out there on the arches?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Thanks for the awesome article and pictures!

  • nelly02

    love bonkers engineering. i bet this is built without the massive loss of life incured during the building of the dam itself.

  • papasmurf

    And to think its all gonna be GONE ………… after 12/21- 2012…….

    • Christopher Neufeldt

      whatever shall we do?!

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