Some chicks bundle up during blizzards, some chicks don’t (10 Photos)

blizzard girls 21 Some chicks bundle up during blizzards, some chicks dont (10 Photos)

While the East Coast got blasted over the weekend, long-time Chiver Jessica Greeves and her friends Kim, Stephanie, and Jess’ MILF mom, decided to make the most of it by stripping down, playing in the snow, and sending us the photos.
I don’t know if Jessica works for Corona and I don’t care. If you get dressed in a bikini and go out into freezing weather, I will put you on this site. I don’t care if you’re pushing Corona or Captain Sully’s Black Tar Heroin.

  • Randy


  • Paul winston

    I hate to be the gutter ball here but the snowball shot on the chest? Does that remind…

    • Samantha Taylor

      right there with you, Paul…and i’m a girl

    • Big Bob

      I have to say something that’s also from the gutter… With the cold temperatures and scantly clad women, I was hoping for better freezing nipple action!

      • Jazzhammar

        Yes, exactly !

  • KSRover

    Wowwy wow!

  • confused

    Wow how could they do that it looks absolutely freezing there also good pictures

    • cheezebits

      A typical Canadian Sunday is what I see.

  • ozzie

    yea i’d put all their faces in the snow and fuck em in the ass lol


    You need a cock to do that you small dicked homo!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Just looks like a Corona ad to me.

    • chrisdg74

      Corona – YUCK. That’s the Pabst Blue Ribbon of Mexico. Went to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun back in ’07. That shit on tap, right next to the soda.

      • Domi

        Beer.. Is beer. Hot chicks with it, makes it better no matter what.

      • Coleman

        Are you saying you don’t like Pabst? must have caught the gay

        • ChrisDG74

          Nah. No gay here(ask your momma). If I must drink beer, I prefer Becks, or Heiny. But, most of all, I prefer a bottle of whiskey.

          • ChrisDG74

            In fact, there’s a bottle of Captain Morgan’s giving me the eye in the kitchen as we speak.

            • chrisdg74

              Yes, I do realize that the Captain is RUM, not whiskey. Let that be a lesson to you kids: Don’t try to be witty after a fifth of Jack.

            • Warped

              Not saying Corona is that great but you sir have a shitty taste in beer. Who cares about the beer in the pics…. I didn’t really notice them…

  • Mr. Obvious

    There are hot chivers out there

  • russia

    in russia…ah forget it they’re hot blizzard chicks

  • James

    More of the dark brunette, please. A LOT MORE, please.

    Holy Christ.

    • Kaleb

      Agreed. I want more. Only 10 pictures? Disappointed!

  • upper low

    yup, hot

  • Wade

    i’m as thirsty as i am horny

  • vitorla

    Takin’ the nips out for some ‘toughening up’ eh ladies?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take one of each, please….and I’ll start with the mom.

  • LOL

    “Captain Sully’s Black Tar Heroin” LOL! That’s funny.

    I’m guessing the mom is the blonde? 😉

    Those girls need a hot tub. I didn’t see any nipon’s, but you know they had to be perkin’.

  • JDR

    Which one is the mom?

  • Clickawut

    FAP !

  • Regina

    and whadaya know…….COCAINE proves itself once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Wtf


  • dammit

    first chive made me realize I need better facebook friends now I can see I need better neighbors.

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  • MichaelGS

    “If you get dressed in a bikini and go out into freezing weather, I will put you on this site”

    so all i gotta do is queeze my 6’4″ 250lb frame into a bikini and some snow on the ground and im guaranteed a slot on chive?! dont let that shit get out or theyll all be doing it!


    […] Some chicks bundle up during blizzards, some chicks don’t (10 Photos) […]

  • jonnops

    PURELY CANADIAN ❤ helllllllo

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