To kill, or not to kill. That is the question. (3 photos)

leopard kill pet 0 To kill, or not to kill. That is the question. (3 photos)
Click HERE to find out if the leopards cuddle this cute little baby dear or rip it’s head off.

leopard kill pet 1 To kill, or not to kill. That is the question. (3 photos)
leopard kill pet 2 To kill, or not to kill. That is the question. (3 photos)
C’mon people, like I would show such grotesque carnage on theCHIVE…ok, maybe I would.

  • Anders

    Those are definitely cheetahs, not leopards.

    • guardian13

      people seriously…… lets focus on the big picture here, and find out what happens to the fawn!!!! I’m not asking I’m demanding to know HAHA (thats a joke for all you hardcore internet gurus). Let us also realize that The Chive hooks us up each glorious day with all these sweet a$$ pictures, and NuTsaCks have to focus on whether it is a cheetah or a leopard… Who cares…. find something better to hate on that does not have to do with The Chive.. ONE lOve chivers, CHIVE THE F*** ON

    • Tyrone

      Yeah, they cheetahs and from what I’ve seen on the plains while living with the indigenous folk… Africa isn’t home to a single deer, however, Impala are plentiful!

      • HellHathNoFury

        Cruisin down tha street in mah 64…..

  • dcengland

    off topic…those are cheetas not leopards

  • aluminum

    what ends up happening?
    did they adopt that fawn or what?
    maybe they raise it as their own, and the fawn becomes a carnivore, hunts its own, and makes a weird disney movie?

  • Matt

    haha wow Chive you gotta get your facts straight. Those are cheetahs. You miss label to many things to many times Chive.

  • CharlesDarwin

    This is just wrong. Baby deer = cheetah food not snuggle toy.

  • top dog

    Young cheetahs are just like young kids, they would rather play with their food than eat it. Eventually they will figure it out…..BLOOD AND GAZELLE ASS EVERYWHERE!!!!!

  • Killdeer

    Plus that’s a Gazelle, African Antelope…, true antelope have horns which are unbranched and never shed

  • kirby

    it doesn’t die, Cheetah’s had already eaten and just played with it before it ran away

  • El Supimpa

    oh f**ck even cheetah s are droppin the ball now? The world is screwed, whats next? Zombies using AK 47s?……….oh wait thats already been done.

  • Karen

    Matt, while you’re busy bagging on the Chive guys, why don’t YOU look up the proper usage of the word “too.” (And while you’re at, look up “mislabel” as well.) Glass houses, people!

  • pdexstar

    anyone wondering it gets eaten, the last 2 photos were on I-A-B a few days ago

  • HellHathNoFury

    This is almost as bad as the Not. A. Lion posts on yousuckatcraigslist. Seriously. Not. A. Leopard.
    Cute, though. I guess being called leopards isn’t their only identity issue.

  • Anonymous

    Those r cheetahs

  • BartenderJay

    First Cheetahs. Second, google the story of the lioness who got kicked out of her pride and adopted a gazelle as a baby. Kinda cool. Until a lion eats it. And she tries to get another one to adopt.

  • God

    Judging by the comments, I think those might not be leopards.

  • Pants

    It’s all part of their master plan… or is it?

  • HellHathNoFury

    They are cheetahs not leopards

  • HellHathNoFury2

    They are not leopards not not cheetahs

  • HellHathNoFury3

    Big cats! Rawr!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Will the real HellHathNoFury please stand up?!

    • Anonymous

      And take her shirt off?

  • Loki

    I live and work on a game farm in South Africa where we rehabiltate injured/orphaned cheetahs. The mother will usually not kill the antelope for her cubs to practise catching it. Thats all

  • luca

    they killed him…i saw the last pic on i-a-b…

  • Sweet Jimmy

    I don’t know what the hell you people are on about. All I see is a couple-a ducks and a panda.

  • Klown

    aside from the whole cheetah/Leopard debate… and whether its a deer or antelope, it’s definitely not “dear”.

    “Click HERE to find out if the leopards cuddle this cute little baby dear or rip it’s head off.”

  • Ken

    This is like Mr. Potato Head in people. Humans eat potatoes, but if we are not hungry we can put a face on them and make them a friend.

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