It’s like spitting, picking, and grunting -guys can’t help it. (30 photos)

  • bktscrambler

    Andy Dick? Looking at boobs? A pervert? NO WAY!

    • jackian

      Behold the power of BOOBS.

  • Gonz

    what a creepy dick! I bet his name gets shorter in the shower

    • Adam West

      he really enjoys the taste of his name…

  • confused

    why are they not subtle

  • poyote

    What are the etiquette rules on staring at a woman’s cleavage when she has dressed in a manner to emphasize it (I mean the half-naked versions above, not just a shirt over large breasts)? When you’re at Hooters, can you stare at the waitresses breasts without apology? I’m confused.

    • TMI

      Ladies, a word to the wise. If you dress like that I’m gonna stare at ’em. I may even try not to but I will. I will not be able to help it.

      BTW, the more I see the oompa-loompa guy the more I laugh. He just gets funnier the more you look at him.

  • uberbrie

    Its called eyesight and God wanted us to use it to stare at women.

  • Mattythegooch

    why is Andy Dick staring at titty’s??? Doesn’t he crave…well, DICK?

    Duders, don’t stare too long, tits are like the sun, your eyes will catch on fire and you’ll go blind.

  • LOL

    I can’t speak for Womanhood world wide…only myself & my friends. Yes we have them. God gave them to us. 🙂 We will sometimes dress to show them off because WE LIKE THEM TOO! We know y’all can’t help staring. But you don’t have to be crude, lewd or gross about it. 😛

  • at work

    hahaha santa

  • isawoj

    The Old Grey Wolf for the win. Reiner is dead.

  • isawoj


    • Anonymous

      8 dollar dee dollar at blockbuster, 8 doller dar

  • Ken


    Everyone likes boobs. Gay men, strait women, you name it. In fact, they just may be the key to world peace…

  • Warped

    Lick it Leo, Lick it!

  • poop

    9 – nice pussy

  • John

    not sure I understand some women…we are gonig to hang them out…but you can’t look or stare too long? Too bad…you asked for it

  • Al

    Andy Dick prooves my theory: even gay men love boobs.

  • aaron

    santa, wtf.

  • top dog

    Why not look at em, they’re there ain’t they? I don’t think that make me a pervert, that means that I’am a man and I like tits. I mean, DAMN!, what else are we suppose to do?

    • top dog

      Look at that second picture, you don’t think she want that guy to look at her tits? or the first one, you think she don’t know he’s looking? I better shut up now….

  • epyon

    3 is useless, spongebob is a fag

  • sploosh

    Yeah, your job sucks, but that shirt sucks worse! Dooooooosh!

  • Captain Pasty

    uh, why does 23 have square boobs? weiird.

    Also, what happened to the hairy armpit girl post? It seems to have disappeared.

  • spongeboob

    isn’t 27 the chive guys?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Well spotted!

  • BetchaDidn'tSeeIt

    Is that monkey in background photobombing #23?

  • BetchaDidn'tSeeIt

    excuse my terrible english haha.
    allow me to rephrase.
    “Is that a monkey in the background photobombing #23?”

  • JJJ

    Boobs are awesome.

  • Jack

    who are the girls in #6 & #10?

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