Mailboxes that reek of awesome

These mailboxes send their own message.


  • Ken

    I don’t smell anything [shrug].

    • Nolly

      Wrong reek
      reek = a strong, unpleasant smell
      wreak = To bring about; cause

      • mook

        Ya, take that Ken you retard.

  • Anonymous

    “Reek”, not “wreak”.

    • Nolly

      I think wreak could be used if ‘of’ were removed.

  • Warped

    Ok guys…. yea lets be technical here on TheChive. Go write a dictionary or something

    • aaron

      2nd that.

      • Anonymous

        2nd that

  • Bob

    My apologies to everyone. And I promised my mom I wouldn’t drunk post again….; )

    • BillyBlaze

      Anybody else think that Bob looks a lot like Richard Nixon?

  • Sticks

    Colt and the Black Knight are the best. I wish there was a Glock though.

    • HellHathNoFury

      ‘Tis a flesh wound.

      • HellHathAHairyBum

        All the mailboxes that try to look like guns were proper naff.

        The others were not bad.

        • twatter

          “proper naff” you must be english. Help me I am trying to develop a theory, is it true that most english men have tried a cock or two. It just seems like that you know.

          • HellHathNoFury

            Well at least now I know why their teeth are all wonky.

            • P-90

              Actually that’s a ‘phallusy’, get it?. (Seriously though an internation health survey showed that us British actually have, on average, the healthiest teeth in the world, weird huh?)

          • P-90

            Yeah we like KFC. (Seriously though where are you from you inbred retard)

  • effemel

    These are pretty cool for something as simple as a mail box, it’s just a shame that there are those out there who would destroy these unique works of art just for a thrill and some urge to rebel

  • boneman

    a real BANG UP job on a lot of them, but, I like the flying pig the best because it looks happy!
    (well, it does LOOK happy!)

  • Regina

    Those are the ones that are not from the city area

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