Japanese light fights -Warning Graphic and stupid! (7 photos)


    Are great!

  • Franky

    I love Japanese culture!

  • Paul Tingle

    ROFL – dem japs are gr8 slanty eyed nigas

  • umxyeahh

    holy mother of god..

  • Someyoungguy32

    The stupidest part of this is not the glass, but that florescent lights have mercury dust in them.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I know that’s what I’m worried about when I have glass shards sticking out of my eyeballs. mercury-induced Hatter’s syndrome.

    • yeaaaa

      Japanese people eat a lot of fish too, which is known to have higher mercury content than most other foods, so these guys are ingesting a lot of mercury I guess.

      • James

        well, glass you can pull out, mercury on the other hand…

  • Leonardo

    Natural selection hard at work

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  • Balls deep

    seeing a warning made me wanna look at this even more, next time instead of lights they should use babies

  • brittany

    Dear paul tingle
    being part japanese and black, i feel obligated to tell u to go swallow lead.
    that is all

    • nelly02

      very politely put sir!

  • Anonymous

    are these people retarded or just have a death wish…mercury duhhh???

  • Anonymous


  • Jay B

    glass ass



  • wastefull

    i could of grown pot with those lights. 😦

  • Japanese dude # 1

    Its great way to pass time. -.- <—— hes a jap. to! lol.

  • Stan
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