Model, actress, bombshell, Noemie Lenoir (18 photos)

  • eROKv

    she is the only reason to watch rush hour 3.

    • Dreamy

      She's one of several good reasons to watch asterix & obelix: mission cleopatra 🙂
      (other good reasons would be monica bellucci and great humor)

  • confused

    what words could accurately describe her

    • P-90


      • Big Bob

        Oh no, she’s French! That completely changes what we’re looking at! Because where a person is born, really makes all the difference. Whatever it is that you don’t like about France, I’m sure it’s all her doing…

        • CunningLinguist

          dont be so quick to judge french women by where theyre from. the american view on french people is very backwards. those people are fucking awesome.

          • Big Bob

            I was using sarcasm (and thought it was pretty obvious that I was). You should have replied to P-90.

        • P-90

          As an Englishman it’s written in my DNA to hate the French.

    • LOL

      Or one could choose Beautiful, Amazing eyes, CRAZY long legs, Bronze skin, strong cheekbones, hot, damnnnnnnnn or Hot damn! 🙂

      Yes she’s very thin. So was I until kid #1 bumped up. Fat or thin, some women are just beautiful. She’s one. Pass the twinkies? 🙂 LOL!

      • confused

        I agree with you LOL, and whats wrong with you P-90

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Ok… here’s the plan, Eat a friggin Twinkie PLEASE! your almost anorexic. If you are worried about the “junk” aspect, remember… there are 2 to a pack, if you eat 1 it’s half the calories therefore “diet”

  • lolz

    whoah!….familiar is that the chic from rush our 3? i think the name of her character was “Genevieve”?

  • pundit


  • meh

    avg at best. looks more like victoria secret abiding by affirmative action

    • Big Bob

      If that’s average then I want to know where you live so I can move there immediately! Seriously…average? Whatever you’re smokin’, pass it around.

  • Molly

    Her nose keeps changing!
    She is pretty good looking though

  • top dog

    HUNGRY !!!!!!!! Now thats a sexy ass woman, and I do love french women. They are so…..creative.

  • Joe Clyde

    She is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Certainly pretty, but needs some meat on those bones.

  • brittany

    The people that say these chicks on the post are average confuse me. (p-90 and Meh) What universe do u live in??? And ohh i bet she’d give u the time of day because UR such a looker.

    • P-90

      No I know I’m a travesty of nature but my comment was a sarcastic joke, jeeebus.

  • Michaellovesmissy

    Damn, eat a cookie….

  • kp

    a bit skinny but hot nonetheless!!

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  • jon

    i cant believ that Claude Makele’s wife!!!


    Ewww. Black women are not attractive. Not being a racist or anything, just sayin’

  • Jaysus

    she tried to commit suicide a few years ago.

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