From Russia with love: Yanina Studilina (19 photos)

  • garp


  • Mustafa_Beer

    Very tasty morsel…

  • uberbrie

    more like from Russia with lust… Rauwr (AKA cheetah noise)

  • Big Bob

    Available for mail order?

    • Nstrdmes

      aww now you’ve done it. andrew is gonna write another strongly worded email to thechive about mail order brides.

      • Big Bob

        Dammit, and then the Better Business Bureau will be getting involved like last time. Sorry Chive!

  • confused

    Thank you Russia

  • russia

    yay russia

  • top dog

    What, no camel toe shots?

  • Matt

    very hot

  • vitorla

    Win. Hottest chick posted on here in days, hands down. Megan Fox, bow down.

  • slutifer

    she would look better with brown or red hair

    • vitorla

      I dunno. I’m partial to brunettes, but I think she pulls off blonde pretty damn well.

  • jebuschristo


  • bigdaddydrew

    By far the cutest face I have even seen. Maybe not for everyone, but that face does it for me in a big way. The rest is pretty spectacular too.

  • kp

    Something about her mouth…sometimes it seems too small……then other times just right!!!….hmmmm….

  • tommybhoy

    Yes please………………

  • Hannah

    She doesn't look Russian. Honestly she looks like a sexy Australian

    • Adora

      she typical russian

  • dabombishere123

    Russian girls are definitely HOT!

  • randeeeeeeeee

    she is so cute i think she is in my sexy chick vdieo check it “elgurusexual” on youtube 🙂

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