Epic church in Spain (19 Photos)

Designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1883, this Church, known as the Holy Family (Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família), has been under construction since 1892…1892 if you miss read that last number. It is STILL under construction and expected to be complete in 2026. Wikipedia

  • confused

    is it just me or does the two statues in look like they are trying to kiss

  • JoshBerg

    The front of that church looks like an epic shit from the ass of God. How much money did they waste on this piece of crap?

    • dumdum

      Y’all ignint.

      The Sangrada Familia was designed by Gaudi and construction began 100 years ago. Shit is badass is what it is. And I ain’t even religious. Fuck God… see?

  • kirby

    I’ve been there and its not only HUGE, but it looks 1000 times better in real life. the detail in it is insane.
    who ever got the contract to keep working on it, is set with work for life!

    • sfmountainbiker

      “who ever got the contract to keep working on it, is set with work for life!”

      This is exactly why they have been working on it for 118 years and still haven’t finished. Think of the families employed for generations by this thing.

  • russia

    and this is why religion is stupid

    • God

      I would definitely say that this is one of the upsides to religion. The holy wars and genocide and whatnot are the bad parts. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  • dean

    iv been there its pretty much a church with to much crap on it

  • bktscrambler

    And how much money and effort has been blown on this stupid church instead of helping the poor and needy and shit? I agree, this is why religion is ree-dick-u-luss.

    • Joey

      True but that can be said about pretty much everything that wastes money – over paid sports figures, celebrities, crappy movies that waste millions, nascar..
      Im not saying I agree with this gaudy monstrosity (get it? goddy?..nevermind) but really money is wasted everywhere. Cant pick one and ignore the others

      • Mad

        Also take into account its entirely privately funded. So its not like the money would be going to the altruistic causes you envision (unless they donated to charity instead)

        • Mad

          Strike the last part. I meant a “homeless charity”.

          This is a charity in itself, a worthy one in my opinion, what a work of art!

  • Brad

    Jesus Christ!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Did someone say goth kid’s Disney castle?

  • rso

    8 is not Sagrada. 11 is not Gaudi’s original design, it’s a Romanian (i think) sculptor working today, horrifying. in pics Sagrada looks loopy random organic – in real life it’s precise solid and mathematical – parabolas ellipses spirals

  • Anonymous

    If you ask the locals, thats not spain, thats catalunya

  • anon

    if you ask the locals, thats not spain, its catalunya.

  • Regalbegal

    Also worth mentioning is it’s been, is being and will be built using only funds from citizens and worshipers. This is at the top of things I want to see in Spain.

  • Matt

    Climbing up the spires and walking across the bridge that connects the two pairs of spires is an interesting experience. The spires are an open lattice so you can see out of them as you climb up. Quite vertiginous, but spectacular views.

  • Rpcky

    If you ask anyone but the locals, Catalunya is Spain.

  • ?

    sweet. finally we know why spain might need a bailout.

  • Wut

    i think they are constructing a level from FFXIV

  • m

    i have been there ,the church is being build whit donations and ticket mony at the door.
    gaudi wasn’t the first architect he was the last one

  • anon

    Apart, obviously, from the Basques

  • machewson

    been there it’s in Barcelona beautiful church. F.Y.I. there will be 14 towers built in all 12 to represent the 12 apostles one for the virgin mary and one for Jesus Chirst.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Reedy/1434353759 Brian Reedy

    I live in Barcelona about a five minute walk away from this monstrous masterpiece….it truly is amazing…if you come to visit watch out for the pickpockets….they're literally EVERYWHERE!! otherwise….enjoy

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