Bikinis, they can be funny (24 Photos)

  • confused

    that kid in #21 is my hero for the day

    • DutchieLover

      yeah the kid in 21 certainly passed the gay test, his dad must be proud. I like the chicks in the snow particularly the brunette in the middle with the light blue bikini…and 22 certainly put a smile on my face.

    • justinelectric

      Looks like me as a younger kid. then again, I'm 16 now and still do that 😛

  • Nobody

    #5 is epic. First because it's ballsy. Second because she's looking at the wrong guy. Third because if you look at it the right way, it sorta looks like she's grabbing her own boob.

    • confused

      thats the first way i looked at it

      • nogoodpunkrocker

        she's looking at the right guy….

        • No One Special

          She is looking at the guy over her right shoulder in the sun glasses. The guy grabbing her is the one whose head is between the two girls with his arms around both.

  • Anonymous

    #13 is hot, im short, but id totally hit on that amazon

    • Franklin1138

      Maybe it's just the image quality, but that looks 'shopped. Or the shawty is standing in front of a giant cardboard cutout.

    • Gallus

      Not shopped. I've seen this photo before. It's something like the tallest and shortest models in the world. I think the Amazon is Australian, but I really do forget.

    • Chavez

      She'd have to go up on her!!

  • ChrisDG74

    Seen #8 first hand. WEBN, a rock station here in Cincinnati would have a pregnant bikini contest every year. Fun times.

    • MistaMullis

      Yea the Miss Morning Sickness Pageant, gotta love Cincinnati lol

      • Franklin1138

        Hey, man. The second trimester is bliss…she's not puking, yet she's not so big that she can't move, and the sex is great because they can't get enough. Don't knock it until you've been there.

        • God

          knocking it…..

  • ladyguitarstar

    Men are pigs

    • skeeter

      Not all of us

    • Anonymous

      What? straight men looking at, let’s face it, almost naked in public beautiful women makes them pigs? I think not.

    • echodave

      Sorry but my thought while looking at these pics was how willing these women were to show men their bodies. Men are not pigs because they look at amazing women in bikinis. I think that this all good. Nature of the species etc.

    • willkm75

      If we are pigs, what does that make all the women that send all the photo's in???? If you dont want us to look and admire the beautiful sexy women out there then don't send the photo's…

    • bigAL

      if we weren't pigs, you would be home alone every night.

    • Franklin1138

      Oh, so The Berry is only about gossip and fashion advice? Come on, we're not idiots. Well…some of us are…

    • Zoocko

      Sad but true. Which just questions why there are any women who are attracted to us. Both genders have their faults, but we can all come together and agree that all centipedes should be hunted and killed.

      That's not related to gender, but I DO think it's something we all agree on.

  • hi

    first suckezzzzzzzz

    • Mark

      I really don’t need to know what you sucked on first

    • Thor Mannion

      wow – aren't you special,

  • bigbobber

    @hi – Woop dee doo, now hurry along to school.

    Guy in #19 – you’re doing it wrong, turn around idiot!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Suddenly I am missing summer…

  • garp

    …#1 scientifically captures the exact moment the male brain instigates the Erection Program run command

  • top dog

    I like #19, thats pretty cool. I didn’t see anything funny about the rest of em, unless you are talking about the heavy set guy with the fine girl. She may not feel him when he’s in her, but she can damn sure feel him when he’s on her. Heheheheheeeee!!!!

  • Bodyguard


    I love that picture of her. Number 14 for those who don’t know

    • etchasketchasaurus

      Same here and apparently so does the kiddo!

  • sid

    i fucking hate the last one

    • khalid

      i also intress in u r body.

    • Amanduh

      Me too…that poor little girl is going to be on the pole in no time 😦 Do what you need to do on your own time – don't drag impressionable girls into it too. "Daddy likes girls who get naked and show off their bodies…" and she will spend the better part of her adult life trying to live up to that. A year in therapy will unravel amazing epiphanies.

  • krisb

    That kid in #12 just couldn’t wait to starting spanking it!

  • krisb

    “start” I mean.

  • vitorla

    LMAO 21 is hysterical. Totally something I would have done……when I was 8……

  • etchasketchasaurus

    #21 is one of those moments where the dad walks up and scolds the kid….then when noone is looking throws in a high five and a sigh of relief that his kid is straight

  • effemel


  • Joe Clyde

    22 is smoking hot. Damn.

  • Joe Pesci

    Funny how?! Funny like a clown? Huh?

  • Anonymous

    #5 the guys gonna get it.. whahaha

    #4 shes so healthy!

  • Ken

    # 12 = LOL!

    Men’s eyes seek beauty and we are pigs? Never did understand that.

    Women’s eyes seek?

    • Anonymous

      Men’s bank account details.

  • Nagrom

    FUCKIN Epic asses on 12 & 22

  • CAT21


  • shane

    i’d say these are all “um, yeah”

  • legalize weed

    LMAO NO #5 looks like the "O" face guy from Office Space

    • nogoodpunkrocker

      Good call! he does!

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