Animals do the darndest things (20 Photos)

Even a cynic like me can appreciate this.

  • aweidah alkeik

    GREAT PHOTOS.ILIKE SO MUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • garp

    …the chive’s contribution to entertaining nine year old girls, I want my 43 mouse rolls back

  • stafferty

    From the producer of “When Animals Attack” comes “Why those Four-Legged-Bastards Attacked The Bastards in the First Place”

  • um

    43?! How freakin short is your finger?

  • Matt

    awww they are all soo cute

  • evilorstupid

    I believe what you meant to say is “People do the stupidest things to their pets”.

  • misainzig

    Monkey prostate exam ftw!

  • slutifer

    15) iz a photobomb

  • dr3w

    #6 will never not be funny in my book.

  • Anonymous

    #17 does his crosswords in pen! he must be smart

  • Irwin109

    #10 Eats ramblers for breakfast.

  • mac

    This why pet owners suck

  • Kelvin

    Mr. T. March 30, 2011 I have some stieors about Match. One woman winked at me, I wrote back, we went back and forth a few times, and she had a change of heart. I can accept that. Here’s where I saw the writing on the wall: Between me writing to her and her writing me back, there were times where she did NOT write, but was online now. She shouldn’t put all of her eggs into one basket of course, but that was very telling, and when she broke it off, it wasn’t shocking to me.Also, in a way, if I send a woman a wink or e-mail and she does the iggy as I prefer, I kind of wish she would block me from viewing her profile, because I send so many, I know that one of these days, I’m going to wink or e-mail a woman TWICE, and that’s going to freak her out.

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