The finalists for American Apparel’s Best Butt. You’re Welcome (9 Photos)

  • Jose Bisquits

    Sweet dumpers. Except #9

    • Zuke

      Why in the name of god would you refer to chicks' butts as "dumpers"?

      See, most of the time people sort of try to forget that women are capable of crapping…

  • Anonymous

    #5? Poor judging. Ive seen much better on other chive posts

    • Chelsea GoddessDivine Foulk

      Yeah, that's pretty horrifying. It looks like it's a still from the beginning of a cheap porno.

      • Diggers

        Absolutely terrible ass.

  • Vern

    #4 FTW

    • Anonymous

      4 is awsome

    • giudo

      Hell Yea!!

    • OMG

      I could bite that.

    • Palamarasaurus

      I love her.

    • Aeronaut

      She's got the undertuck

  • Anonymous


  • billthewelder

    2,3,4 for the win as a tie, 5 looks like a guys butt and well 9 is definitely a guy.

  • Nathan

    # 2 all the way…

    • Big Bob


    • dos santos

      Definitely !!!!

    • Josh


  • anonomnom

    ohh boy, this is embarrassing…*untucks shirt

  • krisb

    #1 needs to work that ass a little more so she can stop eating out of garbage cans.

    • yourmother


  • at work

    What is up with the first pic?

  • getbig


  • HellHathNoFury

    4 has a butt to be jealous of. 5 looks like a d00d.

  • MigraineBoy

    *Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap*

  • Frearthandox

    4 plz. Also, no more ending hot chick posts with dudes or obscenely fat chicks. I like having a boner for good reasons.

  • onenut.

    this post = win.

  • Matt

    definitely number 3

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I suddenly have a craving to bite into a nice juicy peach……

  • Yo Mama



    • uberbrie

      I’m with yo momma!

  • abuali64

    definitely number2

  • Joe Clyde

    You have to be joking with #5

    2,3,4,6,8 – Good contenders

    But for my informal scientific pole. I would have to go for 3.

  • Todd


  • Mak

    4!! all other are just trying too hard.

    Where’s Augustina? best ass on the internet.

  • top dog

    Best butts? are you serious? I’ve seen better butts on women that don’t have to arch their backs to show it off. Hint, if you have to arch your back to show your butt, you don’t have a nice butt, simple. Jessica Biel have a nice butt, Jennifer Lopez have a nice butt. Thats gonna piss a lot people off but hey! thats the way it is……in my opinion of course.

  • Damn

    Jesus H. Christ 2, 3, and 4 OMFG!

  • McBeastie

    Thank you for 2, 3, and 4. And the expanding ad at the top is still fucking annoying as shit.

  • towash

    4 is best

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