Pardon, but I make all my robots from scratch (28 Photos)

These robot pics via

  • bianka

    Guess you’re missing a or stg from there:D xo

  • Andy

    All excellent work, although no.7 freaks me out with the teeth!

  • lolz

    Ha! take that japan!

  • Brandon

    These are awesome!

  • Scharfy

    Possibly the most awesome thing I’ve seen all year.

  • Regina

    eeeehhh…where did the talented people go???!!!!

  • x-nun

    I wouldn’t be afraid of robots if they all looked like this and weren’t trying to take over the world and kill people maximum overdrive style.

  • Bongo

    Sooo many pot heads :/

  • Anonymous

    I want all of ’em!!!!!!!

  • womebn

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