Awesome Transformer house (15 Photo)

amazing house 5 Awesome Transformer house (15 Photo)

This amazing house can open and close at will, providing it’s own security system at night and opening up into a garden during the day. Some of the rooms are even interchangeable. Very cool…

interesting house 16 Awesome Transformer house (15 Photo)

  • Matt

    holy shit thats awesome!!!

    • saintxxxash

      Until technology turns on you and locks you inside the stone house. dun dun dun

      • Jake

        this house keeps you safe from zombies, not skynet.

  • Mahony

    Holy shit its the all spark…. optimous prime was way off

    • YoureanIDIOT

      So was your spelling of Optimus Prime.

  • Weezy


  • wastefull

    good security system

  • HLupercal

    Would love to see some video of this house in action.

  • Vroom

    You can do anything when your rich, id be impressed if the owner worked at Walmart or something.

    • Eduardo

      Epic comment!

  • confused

    holy fuck who much wud dat cost coz i want it

    • Shadow Sterks

      Easy there buddy don’t talk with your mouth full

  • Alan

    What a huge waste of money

  • drunk russian

    house made for vampires prolly)

    • HellHathNoFury

      Cullen house FTW

  • Shadow Sterks

    Watch this house be featured in the remake of the Cube.

  • bodombeats

    Thats pretty bad ass

  • Phil

    and that’s how you survive zombies…

  • Eric

    This guy has seen to many Zombie movies….

  • pookie

    how the fuck does it work?

  • goposaur

    Now paint “Romans go home” 100 times or I’ll cut your balls off.

  • nelly02

    very clever and all that but fucking ugly and has very cold impersonal design. not for me!

  • MichaelGS

    it would be more impressive if it didnt look like a siberian prison circa 1967 when in “lockdown” mode, looks great when not

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • NonToxicGas

    Very Very cool!

  • hilly

    is it Zbigniew Boniek in the 11th picture?

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