Twins!!!!!!! (25 photos)

  • Joe Clyde

    #19 are hot.

    But do guys really want to have a 3some with two sisters? I would prefer a hot mom and daughter combo over two sisters.

    • joe

      yes…yes i do

  • top dog

    Awww yes, twins. They are double the fun.

    • popov

      Where are the bella twins??

  • vitorla

    #19….oh my oh my. I will save you for later.

    • Eddue

      19 and 2 are the same…lol i wnet to highschool with them

      • Eddue

        and junior high

        • vitorla

          Imagine that….so did I. They used to hang out with me in my wet dreams.

  • Eazy E

    #11….for sure dude…. #11

  • tiger woulds

    using both of me hands I can have a threesome!

  • Big Bob

    As a father of twin girls that haven’t hit the teenage years yet (11 yrs old), all I can say is – I’M SCARED SHITLESS!!!

    • cavemanlawyer

      I hope you are handy with a shotgun…

      • Fuzzybeard2016

        …double barreled, of course.

  • uberbrie

    good god #9

    • pundit

      I agree….not the hottest but something about those hips….

      wait…i just saw #19…..I gotta go….

    • forge

      I know, look at those hips OMG I love hips ::eyes glaze over::

  • Dingo

    boobs better with twins

  • deeedub

    #8 are Brazilian porn stars…… very hot!

    • Danino87

      their names would be?

  • MichaelGS

    Heavens, It appears my wee wee has been struck with rigor mortis

  • Ronin

    No matter how many times I have refreshed this page, the gals in #24 never kiss…DAMMIT!

  • cavemanlawyer

    Of course most of these chicks are smoking hot, but something about twins just freaks me out.

    I’d rather pick the hottest twin from a few different sets and have a little variety…lets see #9 on the left, ok why not, both olsens, # 19 on the right, and #23 on the right.

  • hmm....

    #20… Not hot…

  • evilorstupid

    This was great right up until stick figures mary kate and ashley.

    • guitarbo

      I agree. However 8 & 17 totally messed up my head

  • Anonymous

    #19 oh my god. i like 18 too but i have asian plague soo maybe my opinion is biased

  • Balls deep


  • NTFW

    me and #9 pls.. tnx chive!

  • Eddie

    i know number 2 and 19(same people)…went to junior high and highschool with them

  • Matt

    omg this is what heaven is like.

  • Anonymous

    #19 FTW

  • Robi5150

    # 17…I hate it when petite (or any other) girls feel they need HUGE unproportional fake tits. What a turn off!

    • hd4

      I know right, I thought the same thing when I saw that picture. For instance the chicks in #1 are beautiful and they have smallish natural breasts

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Twins are the reason god gave (most of ) us 2 hands !

  • PooPooCachoo

    If twins bang each other, isn’t it just like masturbation?

  • confused

    god bless twins

  • Anonymous

    l2label chive! ffs I want to be able to google these godsends.

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