Pets are wrecking balls (30 Photos)

  • jeff in Australia

    What the hell sort of beast, destructive or otherwise, is #4…?
    Luckily, Tiger, the cat that lets me live in her apartment, is way too lazy for this sort of stuff.

    • gozer


      • JK


        • jeff in Australia

          Thanks guys.. The tail doesn’t look right for a rabbit. I had never heard of a Capybara, but from pics on this page http:// www. capybara/ it doesn’t seem to have a tail…?
          The mystery continues to be one…?

    • Ken

      In the words of the Dude, “Ummm, nice marmot, man.”

      • JessieBear23

        Prairie dog

  • vitorla

    I can definitely top all of these. When my lab was little he jumped on my billiards table and ripped the felt off. Needless to say it was not a pleasant sight and not a cheap fix.

    • KCMonkey

      When our coy-dog was a pup she ripped the vinyl off the kitchen floor. It was actually cool because we were about to rip to up anyway so we just let her have it. The funny thing is she has never torn up anything since. I guess nothing else could compare.

  • IceBerg

    you guys did this EXACT post maybe minus 2 pics last week, shameful!

    • John

      true statement…I would say poor showing as well but with the economy the way it is…i will let it slide.

  • Warped

    Where’s my gun!

  • FluffyHairded

    some of these places were FILTHY even before the pets wrecked stuff… #2, and #9 in particular. #9 looks like evidence pics from an animal seizure!!

  • Mattythegooch

    I’m pretty sure #9 was a shit dump prior to the dogs.

  • top dog

    I’d kick their little asses. Well, mabe not cause I would never let a dog live in my house, he would have his own house, heated and everything. In any event, a pet of mine would be well trained.

  • Battleangel

    My Pit Bull has seperation anxiety and does this whenever the house is empty. We are now on couch #4. She is only 3.

    • John

      Grow a brain or a spine… actually both! Quit letting your dog rule you…. I don’t get people like you. Put the damn thing outside or in a kennel when you are gone. Did you not get the hint the first two times…. much less the first????

      Why are people afraid to discipline their dogs?? They will respect you more if you do… it’s like anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge dog lover but I will not let them run me over like the person above. I guess you could say this is a pet peeve of mine because it is getting more common and it’s rediculous. DOGS ARE NOT PEOPLE, QUIT TREATING THEM LIKE IT.

      • Blah

        You’re right. Dogs aren’t people. They’re better. People like you piss me off. Animals were on this planet long before us, yet we feel we have the right to treat them like they’re less than humans. Fuck you douche bag.

        • John

          That’s where you’re misinformed and wrong. God created everything in 7 days.

          And NO dogs are not better than people, bud.

          • Blah

            Well that explains it all right there. You’re one of those idiots who actually believe the Bible is FACT. Wow, what a moron. Anyone who takes every word to heart in a book written by MAN, the biggest liar on the planet, is a fucking moron. Oh, believe me, I believe in higher powers, but I also believe morons like you are the ones who end up buring in hell for thinking that a planet that was clearly made for animals is meant for men to destroy. Have fun sucking cock in Hell.

  • Matt

    #1 is the cutest.

  • JessieBear23

    #9 was definitely a shithole to begin with. Look how filthy that dog is that’s under the table!
    #27 made me lol
    My rabbit does the same thing…except she likes to chew up the carpet/rugs.

  • John

    We do treat them less than human because they are less than human…. one of God’s devine creations, but man rules the earth.

    • Blah

      You know, it’s idiots like you that create so many atheists. I can’t stand Bible thumpers or fucking atheits, because they’re exactly the same. You both try to force your believes onto other people, and it’s bullshit. If God is indeed real created this for animals, not for us. The fact that we are the most unnatural creatures on this planet proves that. Why don’t you pull your head out of your ass and see that? Oh, but that’s right. Fucktards like you are too blind to see beyond your own face.

      • jeff in Australia

        This is GOD…. If you can’t play nice go to your room…!

  • My opinion.

    If any of my pets make a mess then right away I make them clean it up and they usually never do it again.

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