• jay

    I am a fan of The Chive on Facebook, but Facebook is blocked by my works firewall!

  • Non-russian

    I am fan of the chive, but not of facebook. I consider you communists ! :<

  • Wade

    Seriously quit posting crap on Facebook, that’s what you have a photoblog website for.

    • Anonymous

      ^ what he said

  • Anonymous

    Why all the post on facebook? Work blocks it!

  • God

    I refuse to become a fan and do your advertising for you.

  • Dea9


  • Anonmouse

    Chive guys – My comment appears on myspace if you want to read it. (see how ridiculous this is?)

  • Hans

    Hoe vaak moeten we het nog zeggen? FB zuigt!

  • qaz

    I’m with Wade here,
    Chive, please stop posting on facebook

  • jeff in Australia

    Ditto what they all said..

  • jeff in Australia

    ps.. except maybe what Hans said, he/she might have liked it..

  • gonzomania

    quit posting stuff on facebook, it’s annoying

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  • telecom book

    just two word, amazing, wonderful.

  • Arianna

    HiHeard you on the CBC with Jeff Good/thought that I would check your site outI used to live in Newfoundland where they cured salt cod/Lord Jeezus By -they could have mailed you that salt cod in an vnoolepe-why on earth would you use dry ice to mail salt cod? Maybe it was postal regulations/Anyway I hope that things are going well in America/I’m sure that you dont miss the calgary dry Cold /Used to live in Edmonton and I have a son who is a chef in Fort MacMurry/now there s an oxymoron/I couldnt find a good tasting TV dinner,never mind a good meal up there anyway nice to visit your web site Dave Laird

  • Bharat

    props. the guy is talented. not cause he can put paint on a aavncs that looks nice. the angles, the cropping, the saturation is very communicative. i wouldn’t hang any of those as photos in my house but i would as his painting. #4 awesome.

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