• um

    This is from a UK TV advert in the 1990s.

    • gg

      Documentry 1st and then an Ad. but very funny…

  • sploosh

    First. And damn those fucking squirrels!

    • sploosh

      Shit, I got pwned..

  • HellHathNoFury

    Brilliant squirrel. I just love my squirrels.

  • garp

    …aside from driving my dog completely insane, squirrels are awesome

  • Aaron Cobb

    Stinking filthy rat

  • Robi5150

    I saw this on a documentary of some sort. The squirrel had to learn how to do it. It had to learn the first part, after trial and error, learn the second part and so on. Pretty damn clever. I’d say squirrels are far and above cats in the I.Q. dept.

  • masshole

    that would have been worth watching if it launched the squirrel into the sky at the end.

    • masshole

      or a dog snatching it right as it gets the food.

  • Jose Biscuits

    you masshole

  • Matt

    thats just plain awesome!!

  • yeahsure

    Those hamsters crack me up!

    • safga

      yeah, seriously, whats up with these guinea pigs. rodents are awesome

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  • Irwin109

    I remember the documentary this was off, had some incredible animals, if you can, find the one of the 3 ravens getting the nut.

  • Jaime

    if the squirrel was really smart, he would have just gone up the pole with the food.


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  • stephenlee8

    U know squirrels have 6 tities.

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