How do you decide to take your alpaca surfing?

  • Donkey Balls

    Donkey Balls is not amused, but he is first, so suck it!

    • Joey

      Let this day not soon be forgotten…all hail donkey balls for their proudest moment in their pathetic existance that they call a life. Yay for you donkey balls, what did mom pack you for lunch today?

  • stafferty

    I am not sure which one I want eaten by a shark more

  • Dingo

    that is really cool…..i want one now

    • HimAgain

      An alpaca or a ride on the surfboard?

  • top dog

    How do I deside to take my alpaca surfing?….When it ask me.

  • Libertariandude

    That’s probably the most likeable surfer I have seen…

  • HellHathNoFury

    Scene cut from The Emperor’s New Groove.

  • Match.Com


    Surfing alpaka photos : theCHIVE

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