• somwhere sweet

    they don’t fuck around when it comes to photobombing

  • quarterly

    you put a camera in striking range of an alpaca and it will bomb

  • stick lightly

    it’s what they do

  • Forrester

    that’s MY horse

  • Stingray

    my cousins raise those things. my cousins are weird

  • paul

    how much is alpaca fur worth?

  • jeff in Australia

    Nobody can bomb like an alpaca can.

  • jake in America


  • bob

    Just one photo? Is that it? The internets are going down the drain I tell ya.

  • kids tricycle Sales

    But the classic toys of the past like a high wheel tricycle either made of plastic or metal are still thought to be there in the liking of the children and their parents.

  • linsp1

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