This about sums up my entire youth (18 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    I used to play on an identical structure in #2. That blew my mind when I saw it again.

    • Mike

      Emaunuel Lutheran in Rolling Meadows?

  • schol dump

    don’t even know where to begin with the nostalgia here

    • mook

      Is it hard remembering back 10 years?

      You people are retarded.

      Oh a nintendo game, I remember those… They are still around, infact most all of this is still around, and in force.

      Pay attention.

      • Clickawat

        @Mook. You’re a jerkoff. Nothing nostalgic about that, I’m sure you hear it daily.

  • Nicnac

    #9 … quick, somebody sue Bakugan!

  • Paul winston

    the Count!

  • Tara

    GREAT Post!!! We must be about the same age lol

  • ssss9999

    I loved paperboy!

    • MichaelGS

      unfortunately theres an app for that v.v

      no seriously you can get it on your iphone/ipod touch

  • Dom

    Wow. I said yes about 18 times there. Excellent.

  • Anonymous

    Paperboy and Discman, LOVE IT!! I so want to be a kid again.

  • Fletch

    pogoball FTW

  • acash

    i remember “hoop it it up” being surprisingly difficult…

  • Brandon

    Holy shit, so nostalgic. Great post!

  • Drummer13Boy

    Awesome… simply AWESOME!

  • jon


  • BillyBlaze

    Did you really quack at the principal? Quack quack quack

  • misschris

    Hell yea- I used to love Singled Out! lol

    • indiecitychris

      You are attractive.

      • Anonymous

        ^*creeper alert*
        singled out was the JAM. the joys of being raised in the 90s, tv in every bedroom, even for the preteens sneaking mtv all night long on uberminimum volume until asleep

        • indiecitychris

          Yup anonymous, you’re right. I’m so creepy. You are what’s wrong with the world today. Someone gives someone else a completely innocent compliment and you jump in there and start proclaiming your high and mightiness. What are you, a 13 year old girl? Grow up, you small child.

  • gildo

    DUDE!!! best post EVARRR! whats the name of the heat shirts, I want another one!

    BTW, forgot slap bands. that one was essential!

  • T

    Happy meal transformers!!! I had the fries and the mcnuggets!!! memories FTW!!!!!

  • Flash

    I have no idea what #1,3,6 or 11 are.

  • heartrender

    awww, 9, 10 and 18…
    I never got to collect the whole thing 😦

  • bubble_rider86

    i think you’ve confused your childhood with mine!!! haha…=)

  • Wade

    I was cleaning out my parent’s garage and I found my pogo ball that I won from FRuit Loops. I had forgotten that I even had one of those. This post is full of awesome.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    *sobs* Why was I in such a hurry to be an adult? We had it all back then.

  • FartFace

    this was perfect.. i nearly teared up from the shear joy of seeing all of these great things from my childhood. best post ever!

  • LOL

    John! You forgot Big Wheels! I know the truck thing sure…but ya gotta love the Big Wheels…running over peoples toes with the big fat back tire? Losing the adjustable seat along the way so you slide the hell off when you stretch back? Yeah…them’s the days.

    And the little orange game thing…like ET used in the movie…spelling game…what the hell is it? And ET himself too! And Star Wars…ah yes…the Cinnibun Princess in me rejoices! 😛

    And Macaroni & Cheese?!? Where’s that? Ahhhhh…

    • LOL

      Ahhhhhhhh there’s my Big Wheels moment! Thank you sir! (btw…you’re sneaky for putting it in there retroactively…LOL…the perks of being a ChiveMaster…lol!)


    Segaaaaa!!! OH, the memories!

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