Lil’ Chatroulette bastard (10 Photos)

Kid just turned 8 years-old btw…

  • Alan

    Ha! This kid is great!

    • meme

      WTF! How is this funny. This is just some punk ass kid or some dumb adult playing a prank.

      How old (er.. mature) are some of you?

      • logan

        where old enough to know how to spell OR dumb fuck

        • Pam

          but not we're instead of where apparently.

      • Da Cuntstabber

        Here are mostly teenagers, lonesome men, asslickers and uberdykes

  • Steve

    Kid will probably will see more Tits on Chatroulette than any of the rest of us

    • Me.

      Have you ever been on Chatroulette? If anything he saw a bunch of dudes stroking their dongs.

  • powersticks

    I’d be so proud to be his dad.

  • smick

    The kid’s got style. Probably got those teeth of his knocked out for being such a fucking little bastard. Still, funny wee fucker.

  • Blendercloud

    Hilarious is very accurate. I can’t read the sign he put up though.

    • Fontane

      Sign says: Tits or gtfo.

      This kid is just made out of awesome.

      • meme

        >This kid is just made out of awesome.

        You’d say that only if you were white trash like this kid!

  • quarterly

    this kid is my hero

  • uber guy

    the internet warped his fragile little mind

  • Equalizer

    Same kid who sent this pictures to thechive

  • Liz

    He’s missing his teeth because he’s a CHILD, Einstein…..

  • nelly02

    bloody brilliant!

  • chiver


  • confused

    that kid is my hero

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Andy Milonakis has a new replacement.

  • inv8erzim

    hey come on, fake or not.. it’s f’n funny.

  • inv8erzim

    thats what I thought ,too.. ole. 35 year old Andy.

  • top dog

    This kid need to get his little butt kicked by his mom or dad. Thats why kids are so jacked up now, lack of supervision.

    • Thenybo

      YES. Violence is the answer! We must teach the the truth while is still time. We must ensure that he does'nt use potty talk be beating him.
      Perchance did your parents beat you alot…. like on the head?

  • LOL


  • HellHathNoFury

    even though I laughed so hard I scalded my sinuses with coffee, I would spank my daughter so hard if she did that.

    • Thenybo

      OOOhhh another child beater. I would like to spank you… no wait, kick your teeth through the back of your head.
      and remember if you call me a moron or retarted now, then you will prove that so are you.
      You would elect to solve a problem with your child with violence and I would use violence on you.
      You use violence, I use violence. The only difference is you would use violence on a child (bad) and I would use violence on child beater (not as bad, maybe good)


        A.) Your sentences are very hard to read. Some of them make no sense.
        B.) I love the "anti violence" stance you take while threatening to "kick your teeth through the back of your head" and no, your justification didn't work.
        C.) Obvious troll is obvious
        D.) Not your kids, not your problem. MYOB

      • Alex

        It's "retarded" not "retarted" you retard. Why do morons like you always spell things the way you (incorrectly) pronounce them? Oh, and beating your kids works.

  • Manicotti

    Someday, my taxes will pay for this kid’s prison cell.

  • lolz

    little bastard, one reason i hate kids

    • logan

      big bastard one reason i hate people that sits on there fat ass all day behind the computer critizing young kids and that say lolz

  • Landon

    that toothless little bastard is fuckin hillarious, someday my taxes will pay for him to sit on his ass and take welfare…

  • Uncle_Scrotor

    I kid you not, I had a kid just like this in my Sunday school class. I have never wanted to choke the shit out of anyone so much before. And he was 8.

  • Anonymous

    what site is this kid using? I didnt know there where web chat rooms

    • etchasketchasaurus

      It’s Chatroulette, a creepy ass website where you’re on cam and you can switch to chat one-on-one with a new person at random any time you like. It’s really just an excuse for old dudes to flash their balls at some teenagers, I logged in once and that’s all I saw…old old balls….and teenagers.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this a few days ago and there were several more pictures not posted, probally due to how racist they were. Anyways it’s pretty obvious from those pictures that the camera is just pointed on the kid and someone else is typing for him off screen given how well versed in stereo types and racism he is.

  • jeff in Australia

    Condoms.. use em…!

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