CHIVE-ON Facebook: More redneck innovation (20 Photos)

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redneck innovation 50 CHIVE ON Facebook: More redneck innovation (20 Photos)Click to see the entire REDNECK INVENTION GALLERY. And become a FAN of theCHIVE Facebook page for exclusive content and daily updates. If not for us, do it for your country.

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  • Nicnac

    heh heh:

    Facebook: More redneck innovation (20 Photos)

  • Jay

    Don’t make me go to Facebook again.

  • Chef_Tony

    stop posting on facebook, it sucks

  • jeff in Australia

    Understand you want to increase your readership/lookership(?), but this is a bitch..
    Stop being one…
    How about…. doing both, put them up here as well as facelessfacebook..?

  • inv8erzim

    John, Leo and Bob… PUHLEEEEZE stop posting to facebook.. social networking sites are a NO NO at work these days… muahahaha

  • slutifer

    so they made some changes to facebook?

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