World’s deadliest bridge looks exactly like you’d think (6 Photos)

worlds deadliest bridge 01 Worlds deadliest bridge looks exactly like youd think (6 Photos)

Let’s face it, If you call Pakistan home these days, your already getting tea-bagged by life. But just when you think your life couldn’t suck much worse, you have to cross Hussaini Hanging Bridge over Borit Lake. The reason you have to cross it is because it’s the ONLY bridge that will take you to any number of Pakistan’s major cities. Most of the wooden planks are missing and there’s a stiff breeze blowing constantly. Nobody knows how many lives the bridge claims each year because the police are busy not existing but suffice it to say a lotta’ people fall and drown…

  • clungebeast

    Indy would cross that shit no probs!!!!!

  • standard

    i’d do it once, just to say i made it, but not everyday to go pick up fucking groceries from the neighboring tali-town

  • Paul winston


  • Spocker

    Doesn’t seem all that ‘dangerous’ to me. The bridge appears to be just several feet above the water. Unless the currents are particularly treacherous, I’d say that a fall into the drink would be survivable.

    • Chris

      “drink” Bwahahahahahha!

      Anyway. It doesn’t look very dangerous. It’s strong cable and the wooden planks are evenly spaced, so you can cross safely if you’re not drunk/stupid. And since it’s so holey, the wind won’t make it sway so badly, although movement will have an effect. But I’ve crossed worse bridges, albeit shorter. Think the three-wire type of bridge, where there are three wires set in a V, and you balance on the one at the bottom. Or a solid platform underneah you, with only one side having a handrail. That one was scary.

  • Big Bob

    Fuck that!

  • bowhuntpa

    they need to learn from the Colombians and get a EFFIN zip line!

  • Equalizer

    That is where they trained those taliban.

  • Steve

    Its not the fall off the bridge or the current that kill you, its probably the E-Coli or Hepatitis..

  • LOL

    Not dangerous unless they have alligators & crocodiles & Godzilla in the water. 😉

  • anon

    Are they allergic to boats or what?! Some kid could make a killin ferrying people back and forth

    • Roscoe

      I’m sure the local warlords (or 4th ward alderman, whatever it’s called there) would instantly seize said boat, if there were any boats to be had at all.

  • w00p

    WHAT is your quest?

  • Bob

    The water actually looks really shallow (see pic with mud). I doubt a boat could cross, and a fall from the bridge into shallow water would likely result in broken bones and/or drowning.

  • kirts197

    all the more reason to stay my ass at home

  • ladokha

    I am pretty sure this is in some Remote areas of Nepal.

  • effemel

    @w00p I seek the Holy Grail

  • Ken

    It is an engineering masterpiece. The Golden Gate has nothing on this beauty. Nice scenery though.

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  • jeff in Australia

    Is it called a ‘hanging bridge” because it is just hanging together… or that is what people would rather do than use it…?

  • Captain Pasty

    “your already getting tea-bagged by life”

    Also, this looks awfully familiar to that scene in Indy Jones.

  • Tomatso

    probably a ltittle chilly, hence danger. but I'm sure you are all to smart to get out an atlas…

  • Anonymous

    all I have to say is: Fuck the major cities!

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