theCHIVE’s future home office (12 photos)

  • Joe Clyde

    Can your house still be green and you have a cut down Evergreen in your living room?

    • Mustafa_Beer

      I didn’t see anything saying the house was ” green”. If you have a Lambougini in the living room, I doubt you are too worried. Cool place though, needs color

  • Fontane

    It is called the KRE House and it stands in Tokyo. The garage has space for only 9 cars, so I’m not interested..

  • myragehush

    No room for a tenth car? Fail.

  • Robi5150

    Why bring the car INTO the house? Nothing like that garage smell in the livingroom!

  • Sweet

    To Robi5150. Why bring the INTO the House? Because it’s FUCKING AWESOME. That’s why.

    • Robi5150


  • Thisisme

    Its fucking awesome on the road. Worst couch ever!

  • Fail Rater

    Holy Furnished Ikea batman.

  • Equalizer

    I wish my apartment looks like this

  • Mattythegooch

    welcome to 2010, time to ditch the ’87 Lambo Countach!!!

  • ELVIS1721

    The car rises into the house so that you don’t have to walk down to the garage!

  • SickBoy

    Don’t let your wife park it!

  • Northerner

    Hey, awesome idea for garage space, just like an aircraft carrier! Underground garage, drive into the indoor carport, push the button and the hydraulic platform takes your car down to the garage with your other “steeds” Fantastic! Only bad thing, the house needs at least a country/rural acre+ to sit on. Looks like it’s stuck in town with neighbors WAY too close. I’d could definitely handle that house in the CO mountains! Ah, Robi5150 because we’re motorhead/carguys…it’s what we dream of…and we smell like that a lot…

    • Robi5150


  • slutifer

    I see a shitload of great places to f*ck

  • John W. Furst

    No way!

    That style is cold, impersonal. I have a totally different idea about home office.

  • jeff in Australia

    Not if you keep putting your pics up on facelessfacebook…!

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