No ordinary box of crayons (7 Photos)

  • robin yates

    and the point of this post is ???

    • DERP

      that your mom’s vagina is soo wide that the whole africa and middle east are in there

      • nomad

        DERP that was a true overkill

    • nebugeater

      Well of course the point is UP , can’t you see that!

  • 3x6

    The point is that it’s frigging awesome and he thought of it first then u did

  • SJ

    Hah, thats awesome.

  • powersticks

    Me likey, where can I buy?

  • jeff in Australia

    Have you ever seen such an evil grin…?

  • Equalizer

    That is SOOOOOO COOOOOOL!!!!

  • mook

    Has anyone done the giant dildo rockets flying out of a huge vagina?

    • Slakker

      Hahaha! Good one mook!

  • Peter Perry

    that had to have been fucking sweet to watch

  • Kinginhiscastle

    #7- Yeah, I know the feeling.

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