I want me a Stratos concept super car FTW (10 Photos)

Created by French designer Bruno Delussu. I can’t tell you much about this car other than I think it is like the cowbell…I’m gonna need more of it.

  • Tommy

    I just don’t see that thing handling any sort of hill or bump or incline with grace.

  • Chris

    Too low to the ground. But it looks like a great design for when we have anti-grav ground vehicles xD

  • robin yates

    this vehicle looks like an Morgan Aero 8, difference is you can buy a Morgan

    • Greg

      Hey Robin, the Morgan Aero 8 looks better too 😀

  • Mario

    that is one ugly piece of shit.

  • Dom

    Speed bumps and pot holes FTL.

  • tyler


  • Big Bob

    Sort of looks like something that got rejected to play the batmobile role.

  • HardCore Mike

    Knowing the French it is pure aesthetic with ZERO functionality or comfort! (Just like their clothes, shoes, other cars,,, etc etc)

    • Nateb123

      Yeah, the Citroen DS. That wasn’t more comfortable than anything you can ride in today…wait. Yes it is, and you are retarded.

  • Equalizer

    I want one for Christmas

  • giraffe

    the chive have horrible taste in cars… all the damned douchey lambos and shit like this? at least show one set of an aston martin if you’re gonna show crap like this.

    • Bob

      So sorry about the “shitty lambos” giraffe. I’ll try to pick more high-end quality cars next time…

      • giraffe

        i specifically said ‘douchey lambos’. everyone knows only 50 year old poorly endowed cockbags drive those, and they’re performance isn’t even impressive, least wise not for a supercar. and at any rate i though i was just offering some constructive criticism…

  • Anonymous

    this is just a batman rip off

    • Nateb123

      It’s a tribute to the Bugatti Type 57, you wanker. Get a clue.

  • TomorrowByStorm

    What happens when I take that big electric shaver on a gravel road?

  • James

    Pretty slick appearance, people are right, too low to the ground, but I think they could do something about that pretty easily. However, it reminds me of a giant optical computer mouse…


    Tell you what…. If I ever get one of these babies you can have it because it is ugly as freaking hell!

  • Matt

    It's a Dustbuster!

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