To one of the hottest cheerleaders in all the land (16 Photos)

chive cheer lead1 To one of the hottest cheerleaders in all the land (16 Photos)

Back in 2008 Amanda Pflugrad’s stock was on the rise. It all started when she was featured in Sports Illustrated and quickly became the most googled cheerleader in America. Not long thereafter, The Dirty got their hands on some risque photos Amanda took on a booze cruise and the University of Oregon threatened to take away her cheer scholarship (they give those?). The photos weren’t even that bad.

Amanda took to the internet and pleaded for sites like the Dirty and Busted Coverage to remove her photos and they obliged. Amanda’s 15 minutes of fame was up and she quickly faded from the internet’s short memory. But theCHIVE hasn’t forgotten. We’ve found the old photos and we’re giving one last shout to one of the sexiest college hotties in all the land. Here’s to you Amanda Phlugard, Pfhhluegard, Pflugrad.

  • Anonymous


  • garp

    …Oregon State Duckface

    • bowhuntpa

      make her QUACK

    • Freeclimb

      She would rate a solid 7 at Michigan State.

  • chiver

    she’s hot but cheers for a team only Paris Hilton would be proud of.

  • Joe Clyde

    She is FN hot.

  • Equalizer

    Thanks to Facebook, I presume….

  • aleXTC

    Damn that is one beautiful girl. Wonder if she graduated yet?

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Another little cutie… just like so many out there.

  • dt520

    I may be an Arizona fan but I’d defect in 2 seconds to wake up next to that for the rest of my life. Gotta love a skinny short girl with legs like that.

  • gnarbucketz

    She looks like a fusion of Amanda Bynes and Sarah Chalke.
    That’s hotter than nuclear fusion, btw.

  • ChrisDG74

    Nice. Could do without the douchey kissy-face though. I’d give her some great orgasms.

  • Rusty

    Hated #2. Sideways peace sign duckface…..sign.

    Perhaps #18 should be archived for a future “Hot Chicks with Douchebags” gallery.

  • cavemanlawyer

    Nice to see my alma mater representing on the Chive!

    This chick is actually a friend on my facebook so na-na-na!

  • cavemanlawyer

    Go ducks! Nice to see my alma mater getting some play on my favorite website.

    This chick is smoking hot, met her a few times, believe me she is even better in person.


    • smellbullshit

      So your first post brags that you two are friends on facebook, then your second post claims that you met her in real life and she’s awesome? You’re anonymous on the internet anyway, so there’s really no point in changing your story so you don’t sound like a douchewaste loser who stalks people on facebook. You’re only lying to yourself; nobody else cares.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Dear Smeller of Bovine Shit,
        I’ll commend you on your lovely habit, first.
        Then I’ll ask why it’s so unbelievable that someone from Oregon, who goes to the same college, would not have met this incredibly popular lady. She’s always out doing something, so I’m sure no one would ever see her in real life, in fact, it’s illegal! She’s invisible when she steps outside! I’m from Seattle, and I’ve met her after games and once in a store. She was infuriatingly gorgeous, funny and having a fairly intelligent conversation about boating.
        Now, back to your olfactory infatuation.

        • gee gee

          Ah Seattle – now I understand a little more HHNF.

    • Skindeep

      Wow a Fork Tongue commenting on barely legal? Who would have thought!!!

      It's great to be an American!

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  • HimAgain

    Meh… Oregon
    I think FSU requires picts like that before you can make the squad.

  • fourtwenty

    looks like a white version of this chick i was lucky to hook up with a few years ago. she is mexican and wears blue contacts. hahaha……..Adam Sandler————>

  • forge

    Frickin’ duck face #2 and #8 FAIL I *hate* that stupid expression someone please tell the young women of the world it looks fricking idiotic!!! OTOH #14 OMG that is one cute little girl.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonmouse

      Just dress more conservatively, stop getting tattoos, and act more civilized, and people will stop calling you that. See how easy that was?

  • Nateb123

    I’ll take brunette on the far left in #9 instead please.

    • Nateb123

      Plus for some reason, this girl just looks a little too young for me despite probably only being a couple years younger. She just seems more “cute” and “pretty” than “hot”. I have no such problems with her brunette friend though. Dibs!

    • Kjohn

      Thats the beauty of this country. They are probably all brunettes, but 3 choose to hide that fact.

  • youdummy

    it moved

  • goposaur

    baguette. pass.

  • SomeRandomGuy

    let the ass eating begin!

  • rachface

    I just saw this duck beat the shit out of another mascot on trutv? (i think :s) yesterday.

  • winston002

    step 1: aquire cargo van with fake registration

    step 2: roadtrip to oregon

    step 3: put left arm in sling

    step 4: get her to help loading a couch into back of said van

    step 5: get shot by jodie foster.

    sounds like a great weekend.

  • Holly

    so hot! my god.

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