Animals are takin’ over, I swear (20 Photos)

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  • Mustafa_Beer

    #6 PORN is soooooooo addicting!

    • Cyndi

      Encore une fois, je suis e9merveille9e devant vos ohptos. Elles refle8tent e0 merveille la joie de toute la famille en ce jour rempli d’amour of9 Delphine & Eric ce sont dit Oui .Chaque photo me rappelle le me9lange d’e9motions que j’ai ressenti lors du mariage de ma soeur et gre2ce e0 vous ces moments vont eatre fige9s e0 jamais dans un merveilleux album.Que dire de plus ? Eh bien tout simplement un Grand Merci e0 vous pour eatre venu partager ce moment avec nous et encore fe9licitation pour ce magnifique travail !

      • N8orius

        Umm… What?

  • tommybhoy

    Last pic……am sooo wasted, man!

  • Romina

    #17 That poor dog has an allergic reaction!!

    • lauren

      yah or a snake bite seems more likely:( poor guy

  • bubble_rider86

    aahhhhhhhhh #12 you are my favorite!!

  • top dog

    #1, “Get that fuking thing otta my face!!”
    #4, “Oh Hiiiiii, how you doing?”
    #15 ” YOU SUCK!!!”

  • Robbo

    Monkey riding a goat on a highwire = WIN

  • schango

    #19 that’s his “O face”

  • Equalizer

    #4 – high five!

  • nouu

    i happen to know that the dog in #14 was bitten by a rattlesnake.

  • bananco

    #13 WTF is that???????????????????

  • Spiderpig615


  • isawoj

    Well, I can check off, “look at a picture of a monkey riding a goat on a tightrope”, from my to do list today.

  • dfgdwqes a leading worldwide wholesaler company (or u can say organization).

  • ladyguitarstar

    # 9 is so sweet

  • HellHathNoFury

    Squeee bunnehs!!!

    • MichaelGS

      Appa needs that hat and Bambi needs the dress

  • cat21


  • Richard

    Good list, 60% or so from this list i could relate to, but im from Denmark as well, Cant beeilve you missed LEGO though.And the guy POTTTTT is appearently a retard, how can he say that America is the best place to grow up, when he havent tried growing up in AWESOME DENMARK!

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